Day 312 – Falling Apart

Falling Apart

Day 312

Haunted House by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Here was a place where none would ever come
For shelter, save as we did from the rain.
We saw no ghost, yet once outside again
Each wondered why the other should be so dumb;
And ruin, and to our vision it was plain
Where thrift, outshivering fear, had let remain
Some chairs that were like skeletons of home.

There were no trackless footsteps on the floor
Above us, and there were no sounds elsewhere.
But there was more than sound; and there was more
Than just an axe that once was in the air
Between us and the chimney, long before
Our time. So townsmen said who found her there.

So, I am caught up again.  I will admit that I shot Monday and Tuesday’s photos on Sunday, with my wisdom teeth and some other dental work scheduled Monday.  As per the usual, things did not fall together perfectly as planned.   I spent Sunday night and early Monday morning in the emergency room due to my non-friendly gallbladder in so much pain that I would have cheerfully died.  I thank God for my wonderful mother who sat with me through the whole ordeal.  I did give the bathroom a lot of business that night with all of the aftereffects.  I did make it to the dentist Monday, much to the surprise of everyone.  My wisdom teeth were pulled, my molar crowned (do NOT eat Corn Nuts), my front tooth re-capped, a small cavity filled and a nice deep cleaning.  Now, at this point I am going to say that I am super duper thankful for Vicodin, not only because of the holes where my teeth used to be but also because of the muscles I pulled on my ribs from retching so hard Sunday and Monday, and for the migraine that will not go peacefully.
Hopefully I can go back to work tomorrow, if only for a few hours.  Cross your fingers!
By the way, Mom took me out to blow some of the stink off today and we made our way to Three Rivers, MI to take her overgrown plecostomus to the fish store.  It is a very run-down and seedy area and was the perfect shot for a girl who just wanted to sit in the car.