Day 315 – The Grass Has Riz

The Grass has Riz

So, I have been taking a photo each day, forcing myself to do so.  With so little of this project to finish, I think that it is time to get time posted.  I do not think that I will be starting a new photo odyssey when I finish this, instead giving myself the pleasure of taking a photo for the photo’s sake instead of because I have to.

And that said, I will be posting the past month’s photos with no words.  We’ll get back to those later….

Day 313 – A Tree Grows in Sturgis

A Tree Grows in Sturgis

Day 313

I am the heat of your hearth, the shade screening you from the sun;
I am the beam that holds your house, the board of your table;
I am the handle of your hoe,
the door of your homestead;
the wood of your cradle,
and the shell of your coffin.
I am the gift of God and
the friend of man.
— Author Unknown


I made myself do it.  Yes, one photo today and believe me, it was a struggle.  At least I didn’t have to leave me front yard to get this.

I must apologize to everyone I follow and to those of you who are leaving me such kind comments and feedback – I really have not been at 100% for some time now from one thing or another, and the back log of needed responses continues to pile up.  I really do look at everything that comes to my inbox, by the minute it seems – I just have not either had the time or the energy depending upon the week to acknowledge anything coming through.  I did make a small dent in the pile tonight, but got so tired that poor Kathryn was not given the attention that she, honest to God, deserves. So, here I sit once more with a pushy cat on my lap who is demanding my laptop keyboard, and I am ready to fall asleep.

I will leave this on a quote:  “After all… tomorrow is another day. “


Day 310 – Nesting


Day 310

To A Squirrel At Kyle-Na-No by William Butler Yeats

Come play with me;
Why should you run
Through the shaking tree
As though I’d a gun
To strike you dead?
When all I would do
Is to scratch your head
And let you go.
We have little black squirrels in Sturgis.  I have been told that they are not native to the area and this was told to me in a sneering tone with full lip curl.  I really don’t care that they are not native to this area;  they are cute little buggers, not as aggressive as their brown cousins and have I mentioned that they are cute little buggers?
This young lady is building her breeding nest so we know that we will soon have tiny bushy-tailed squirrels running up and down the tree and driving the cats to distraction.