Day 92

Day 92 – I spent today getting lost!  I decided when I got out of work, to go to a semi-local (Howe, Indiana) used book store to see if I could find a replacement book for two for the library (no luck) then headed back into Michigan to go to Bronson to pay a bill.  I have been on this particular back road over and over – it is my usual route to Bronson.  I have no idea where I turned in the opposite direction, but I was driving down some dirty back roads!  I wasn’t too concerned because I knew I would eventually get somewhere familiar.

We are getting ready to head outside for a fire in the backyard and to roast a weinie or two and maybe enjoy a smore, so I am posting a photo I took on the 4th at Coveleski Stadium.

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Day 89

Day 89 – I am in the middle of trying to install my shiny new toy: Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium.  Oh my goodness am I having issues; I have been uninstalling CS4 and installing CS5 for the past 4 hours – computer crashed in the middle of the install and it didn’t want to cooperate after that, so now I am uninstalling CS5 and getting ready to re-install the whole thing – EGAD!  I am glad that I got my shots for today ready early!

This is Union Station in South Bend, Indiana – one of those cities in that top 10 dying cities list.  There is a HUGE dilapidated old building behind the station that I really wanted to photograph, but alas circumstances would not allow for it.