Day 262 – Blue Aqua Azure Cobalt Cerulean

Blue Aqua Azure Cobalt Cerulean

Day 262 –

Fragmentary Blue by Robert Frost

Why make so much of fragmentary blue
In here and there a bird, or butterfly,
Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye,
When heaven presents in sheets the solid hue?

Since earth is earth, perhaps, not heaven (as yet)–
Though some savants make earth include the sky;
And blue so far above us comes so high,
It only gives our wish for blue a whet.

I wonder what it is about a certain color that gives us so much pleasure?  Blue is the color that does not give me the blues or the mean reds.  This particular shade of blue makes me very happy indeed.
There really isn’t any color I find repulsive, however there are some I wouldn’t want to have to look at for eternity; ocher and light sea-foam are two of them.  I have found that my taste in color has changed through the years as well.  Red used to be “it” for me.  If it was red, it was perfect.  In fact, when I married, the color choices were red and black – red flowers, red cummerbunds and ties, red lights, red everything except my dress and the bridesmaids.  They were in black because red looked like death on two of them.  I am sure that somewhere in my childhood light red, okay, PINK, was the color of choice but I only remember the bright red being ‘the color.’
Then somewhere along the line, blue crept into the picture.  And not just any blue.  Look closely at the shade of blue above. Please dig into the recesses of your memory and tell me where that color would be most familiar.  Think harder.  Think police car and the lights on top of it.  Oh yeah….  That is my FAVORITE shade of blue.  When I drive by someone who is pulled over, I am not wondering why the sap was stopped by the police.  I am looking at the shiny blue lights on top of the car.  And if it is night-time?  I see it coming and going and my eyes are almost giddy with delight.
What color stops you in your tracks?

Day 240 – Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines

Day 240

Lines by Martha Collins

Draw a line. Write a line. There.
Stay in line, hold the line, a glance
between the lines is fine but don’t
turn corners, cross, cut in, go over
or out, between two points of no
return’s a line of flight, between
two points of view’s a line of vision.
But a line of thought is rarely
straight, an open line’s no party
line, however fine your point.
A line of fire communicates, but drop
your weapons and drop your line,
consider the shortest distance from x
to y, let x be me, let y be you.
I don’t always like to color inside of the lines, however most of my time is spent safe within the boundaries, nice and comfy.  I like how it looks inside the lines and I like how it looks outside the lines, but I don’t have to travel outside that often, at least not far.  When I go outside those lines, invariably someone is going to get upset because I am disrupting his or her lines.  I have been coloring outside of my lines quite a lot recently, going against the flow, and the coloring book is looking a little messy, but wow!  The colors are amazing!  It is too bad not everyone understands my art…

Day 233 – I Like it Shiny…

I Like it Shiny

Day 233

How Clear She Shines by Emily Bronte

How clear she shines! How quietly
I lie beneath her guardian light;
While heaven and earth are whispering me,
” Tomorrow, wake, but, dream to-night.”
Yes, Fancy, come, my Fairy love!
These throbbing temples softly kiss;
And bend my lonely couch above
And bring me rest, and bring me bliss.

The world is going; dark world, adieu!
Grim world, conceal thee till the day;
The heart, thou canst not all subdue,
Must still resist, if thou delay!

Thy love I will not, will not share;
Thy hatred only wakes a smile;
Thy griefs may wound – thy wrongs may tear,
But, oh, thy lies shall ne’er beguile!
While gazing on the stars that glow
Above me, in that stormless sea,
I long to hope that all the woe
Creation knows, is held in thee!

And, this shall be my dream to-night;
I’ll think the heaven of glorious spheres
Is rolling on its course of light
In endless bliss, through endless years;
I’ll think, there’s not one world above,
Far as these straining eyes can see,
Where Wisdom ever laughed at Love,
Or Virtue crouched to Infamy;

Where, writhing ‘neath the strokes of Fate,
The mangled wretch was forced to smile;
To match his patience ‘gainst her hate,
His heart rebellious all the while.
Where Pleasure still will lead to wrong,
And helpless Reason warn in vain;
And Truth is weak, and Treachery strong;
And Joy the surest path to Pain;
And Peace, the lethargy of Grief;
And Hope, a phantom of the soul;
And Life, a labour, void and brief;
And Death, the despot of the whole!

I am struggling with some burdens at this time so I think it is time to look at my abundant blessings instead of my shortfalls right now:
• I have my warm hubby to keep my toes from getting cold tonight
• My children are snug in their beds
• My mother is a blessing beyond belief
• I get to go into the library tomorrow and work with people I like and respect
• My sister loves  me
• I have a church that welcomes the Holy Spirit
• The four seasons are a feast for my eyes
• My dog is snoring right now
• I can listen to The Civil Wars any time I want to
• I have Mount St. Helen’s ash glass ornaments that shine and shine
• I can see, hear, smell, touch and taste
• Blue
• The sun will rise tomorrow
• God is watching over me


Day 195 – See How it Shines

See How it Shines

Day 195

The Fairy Goldsmith by Elinor Wylie

Here’s a wonderful thing,
A humming-bird’s wing
In hammered gold,
And store well chosen
Of snowflakes frozen
In crystal cold.

Black onyx cherries
And mistletoe berries
Of chrysoprase,
Jade buds, tight shut,
All carven and cut
In intricate ways.

Here, if you please
Are little gilt bees
In amber drops
Which look like honey,
Translucent and sunny,
From clover-tops.

Here’s an elfin girl
Of mother-of-pearl
And moonshine made,
With tortise-shell hair
Both dusky and fair
In its light and shade.

Here’s lacquer laid thin,
Like a scarlet skin
On an ivory fruit;
And a filigree frost
Of frail notes lost
From a fairy lute.

Here’s a turquoise chain
Of sun-shower rain
To wear if you wish;
And glittering green
With aquamarine,
A silvery fish.

Here are pearls all strung
On a thread among
Pretty pink shells;
And bubbles blown
From the opal stone
Which ring like bells.

Touch them and take them,
But do not break them!
Beneath your hand
They will wither like foam
If you carry them home
Out of fairy-lannd.

O, they never can last
Though you hide them fast
From moth and from rust;
In your monstrous day
They will crumble away
Into quicksilver dust.

A bit of cracked glass, round glass, reflective glass, drops of glass, light encased in glass.  I had a different photo chosen for the day, however my husband preferred this one and told me that I should post it instead.  He doesn’t often assert his opinion where my photos are concerned, so I took his advice.  Now he sits beside me, head and eyes drooping; poor, tired man from a long, hard day at work.  I love him so.
I have a SOOPER great photo planned for tomorrow! 😉

Day 178 – I Like How They Shine

I Like How They Shine

Day 178

The Gift by Rabindranath Tagore

I want to give you something, my child, for we are drifting in the
stream of the world.
Our lives will be carried apart, and our love forgotten.
But I am not so foolish as to hope that I could buy your heart
with my gifts.
Young is your life, your path long, and you drink the love we
bring you at one draught and turn and run away from us.
You have your play and your playmates. What harm is there if
you have no time or thought for us!
We, indeed, have leisure enough in old age to count the days
that are past, to cherish in our hearts what our hands have lost
for ever.
The river runs swift with a song, breaking through all
barriers. But the mountain stays and remembers, and follows her
with his love.

Day 154 – Some Days I Feel Like a Gorgon

Some Days I Feel Like a Gorgon

Day 154

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter by J. R. R. Tolkien

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

Day 10

Ahhh… My beauty. How you captivate me.

Day 10 found me driving on a non-photographic quest pretty much all day long in the rain, rain, rain.  Little presented itself to me outside to get anything decent.  I suppose that had I really applied myself, I could have taken a nice shot or two, but with Spring’s ugly brown-ness, rain pelting me ungently, gray overhead and cold temps, it just wasn’t anything I really “felt.”

Early morning treasure dug up on a warm stretch of beach.

I wandered around the house when a got home looking for something, anything that looked interesting today. I found Myrtle Beach seashells, an antique painted bottle, a blue glass paperweight, Mt. St. Helens ash glass and 5 glass Easter eggs. 50 photos later, none of which really caught my eye, I settled on these two. Sigh….

Day 2

Swabbin’ the Deck!!!

I found that one photo for day 2 was just not enough!

I grabbed my camera this morning and included it in my morning routine.  The cotton swabs in the glass jar are not something that I would normally even consider a photo op, but as I pulled one out, it seemed a natural shot.

The beaded jewelry is a standard part of my morning.  If I do not have something that suits my mood for the day, I have been known to pull out the bead boxes and put together a bracelet and earrings.  I have a penchant for shiny glass things and shiny glass beads are a natural attraction for me.  If I were a crow, this would be my perfect nest.