Day 92

Day 92 – I spent today getting lost!  I decided when I got out of work, to go to a semi-local (Howe, Indiana) used book store to see if I could find a replacement book for two for the library (no luck) then headed back into Michigan to go to Bronson to pay a bill.  I have been on this particular back road over and over – it is my usual route to Bronson.  I have no idea where I turned in the opposite direction, but I was driving down some dirty back roads!  I wasn’t too concerned because I knew I would eventually get somewhere familiar.

We are getting ready to head outside for a fire in the backyard and to roast a weinie or two and maybe enjoy a smore, so I am posting a photo I took on the 4th at Coveleski Stadium.

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Day 80

Day 80 completes a weekend of an overabundance of photo ops.  Today’s choice is a selection of photos of Sam jumping at the church picnic.  It was a big day at Riverside today; we are celebrating 36 years, over 80 people were baptized in the river and we had the huge block party going.  What a gorgeous day for everyone to show up – it was standing room only in the auditorium and I can not even imagine how many people were in there; there are usually right around 500 in the second service – there was even a full row of seats occupied by an Amish family there to see their “jerked-over” children baptized.

I will be posting this weekend’s offerings all week because of the sheer volume of photos I was happy with.

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Day 53

Day 53 had too many photos to possibly choose from – Okay, I did choose but everything else is sitting in an album to to uploaded to my facebook page for sharing with family and friends.  Beautiful sun-filled day on the St. Joe today at the campsite.  We just headed out to have our first cook out of the season and my peaceful place left me refreshed and ready for the new week.  Bliss.

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Day 22

Day 22 finds me looking at my sweet girl.  We went last night and got her fitted for her band instrument.  She has been pestering me about being in band because she knows how much her brother enjoys it and how good he is in band.  Her top three choices going in were violin, flute and trumpet.  I put the kibosh on the violin at the start.  As soon as she picked up the flute, we knew it was a natural fit for her – nice sound!  The trumpet was okay, but the sound wasn’t as fluid.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach

The flute we brought home with us is used, barely and she loves it.  I am looking forward to band concerts with both of my children playing, though I am not too sure about her staying power with band; Michael, I think, will have a life long love of music.  He gets that love from his Great-Grandpa Witherell and wow!  What an ear for tune and rhythm Michael has!  Quite unlike his tone-deaf mother….

Music is the poetry of the air. ~Richter

The sun was shining so brightly this late afternoon, that Sam and I decided that we should go out and get my photo of the day of her flute.  We all know how enamored I am of the shine-shininess of it!

Music is what life sounds like. ~Eric Olson

Day 13

A mother's treasure is her daughter. ~Catherine Pulsifer

Day 12 found me in the kitchen watching my sweet girl doing the dishes late in the day.  I snapped a couple of photos of her then told her to lay down on the floor with her head next to mine.  I love this girl so much; the intensity takes me aback at times.

And thou shalt in thy daughter see,
This picture, once, resembled thee.
~Ambrose Philips