Day 342 – Bowling Freaks

Bowling Freaks

Ah, the alleys . . . It’s really a sensory experience, you know. The scent of Aqua Net on a beehive hairdo. The roar of polyester rubbing against old Naugahyde. The site of a cigarette stubbed out on a patty melt. All this plus the anticipation of placing your feet in shoes only seven thousand others have worn before you.

Diane Chambers on Cheers
The kids bowl on a “summer” league that started in April.  It is an adventure in frustration each Thursday when Samantha laces up her rental shoes and goes to the approach.  She has not bowled before other than a couple of trips to the local lanes, whereas Michael has been bowling for the past four years, throws a wicked curve and carries a 172 average at the age of 13.  Sam, on the other hand, throws a wicked gutter ball and has a rapidly falling average of 52.  I’ll give you two guesses as to what the team name is after you look at the title of yesterday’s post….
Photo courtesy of my iPhone and Photoshop Express.  (image quality is completely inferior)
And I almost forget *slapping my forehead* that the lovely Jennifer Mendez has nominated me for the coveted Liebster Award (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!), leibster meaning favorite in German.  I, having an abundance of human nature, enjoy being a favorite, so I am taking this award running!  This award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers so I am very well qualified!
There are very few rules that accompany this honor and they are as follows:
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Drum roll, please….
And my nominees are:
Brandon Brasseaux (though I am sure you have 200 followers!)
Now for some celebratory ice cream…..

Day 341 – Better Rivals

Bitter rivals in a rare moment

Brother And Sister by Lewis Carroll

“SISTER, sister, go to bed!
Go and rest your weary head.”
Thus the prudent brother said.

“Do you want a battered hide,
Or scratches to your face applied?”
Thus his sister calm replied.

“Sister, do not raise my wrath.
I’d make you into mutton broth
As easily as kill a moth”

The sister raised her beaming eye
And looked on him indignantly
And sternly answered, “Only try!”

Off to the cook he quickly ran.
“Dear Cook, please lend a frying-pan
To me as quickly as you can.”

And wherefore should I lend it you?”
“The reason, Cook, is plain to view.
I wish to make an Irish stew.”

“What meat is in that stew to go?”
“My sister’ll be the contents!”
“You’ll lend the pan to me, Cook?”
Moral: Never stew your sister.

And I am caught up.  I did not actually take this photo today as I have been tormented with a migraine of epic proportions all day long.

Until tomorrow…

Day 255 – Making Up.

Making Up.

Day 255

Song Of One Of The Girls by Dorothy Parker

Here in my heart I am Helen;
I’m Aspasia and Hero, at least.
I’m Judith, and Jael, and Madame de Stael;
I’m Salome, moon of the East.

Here in my soul I am Sappho;
Lady Hamilton am I, as well.
In me Recamier vies with Kitty O’Shea,
With Dido, and Eve, and poor Nell.

I’m of the glamorous ladies
At whose beckoning history shook.
But you are a man, and see only my pan,
So I stay at home with a book.

I have two little girls in my family room tonight.  By little girls, I mean 12 year olds with delusions of 16-year-old grandeur.  They have been strutting around the house since 4:30 this afternoon with Apple products in hand and ear, talking too loud and tossing their hair.  They have given each other make overs with real make-up (the blue eye shadow is DIVINE) and manicures.  They have oohed and ahhed over Justin Beiber, Alex Pettyfer and Sam Claflin and now they are kicked back on the sofa in the family room and watching HGTV (!!!).  They feel that they will be able to stay awake all night.  I feel that I will not.  I have no delusions of 16-year-old grandeur.  My delusions run more along the lines of a night that doesn’t include snoring that wakes the spousal unit up, restless legs or a 3 am hot flash.


Day 252 – Old Friend

Old Friend

Day 252

Pencils by Carl Sandburg
telling where the wind comes from
open a story.

telling where the wind goes
end a story.

These eager pencils
come to a stop
.. only .. when the stars high over
come to a stop.

Out of cabalistic to-morrows
come cryptic babies calling life
a strong and a lovely thing.
I have seen neither these
nor the stars high over
come to a stop.
Neither these nor the sea horses
running with the clocks of the moon.
Nor even a shooting star
snatching a pencil of fire
writing a curve of gold and white.
Like you .. I counted the shooting stars of a winter
night and my head was dizzy with all
of them calling one by one:

Look for us again.

I ran into a couple of old friends tonight.  I haven’t seen them in years.  Oh, I ran into their cousin a couple of weeks ago, but I have kept my distance from these two.  We visited for close to an hour until I had to get the kids tucked in.  After that the moment was lost, long moment though it was. In the end, I am quite satisfied, because my old friends, a 3B pencil and a sheet of sketch paper, were still familiar to me.  I was able to give my Sam a bit of a lesson in drawing tonight as well, and oh!  Is she ever good for an old mom’s ego!

Day 243 – The Little One Nestled in my Heart

The Little One Nestled in my Heart

Day 243

For My Daughter by David Ignatow

When I die choose a star
and name it after me
that you may know
I have not abandoned
or forgotten you.
You were such a star to me,
following you through birth
and childhood, my hand
in your hand.

When I die
choose a star and name it
after me so that I may shine
down on you, until you join
me in darkness and silence

She is 12 now.  The baby.  The youngest.  The last one that I will bear.  I am happy and I am sad.  She is funny, smart, loving, compassionate, beautiful.  She is growing up.  I can hardly bear the thought.  Each morning, Monday through Friday she is curled up next to me, warm and soft, breathing deeply, sometimes twitching in dreams.  Each morning I look into her sleepy eyes and am undone in my love for her.  Soon enough, too soon, her warmth and breath will be too old to wake up next to her mother.  But for now, she is still a little girl and I will wake up with her in the  morning, undone once more.

The Little One Nestled in my Heart - 12

Day 183 – Waiting to Dance

Waiting to Dance

Day 183

In Dance by Raymond A. Foss

They worshipped, praised the Lord,
sang with their movements, their bodies, their beings
In dance they prayed, sang with their feet
barefoot, on holy ground, they spun, and kneeled
their arms to the heavens, their hearts to God
In dance they sang for our creator
what a joyous sound they made

Today was first rehearsals for the Christmas production at my church, Riverside.  By production, I do not mean program – it is a huge production with dance, theater, lights, loud music, shiny, shiny scenery and The Story.  My daughter (the blurry one in the background) will be learning 3 lyrical dances – today’s dance was to Carol of the Bells, the Transiberian Orchestra style.  She will also be doing a Kite dance and one to Midnight Clear.  I am one of the “behind the scenes” crew but have volunteered to be a caroler.  I look so forward to the production each year; this is the first time I will not be a consumer but part of the product.  We are looking at 3 shows, possibly 4 if enough tickets are “purchased.”  Blessed be.

Day 94

Day 94 – What a GREAT day!  Great service at church and then time with my cousin, Stephanie!  She kindly relented when I asked (begged) her to let me photograph her today and that is because Stephanie ROCKS!  Steph, her girlfriend Alex, Sammie and I headed over to the depot park here in town.

I love my cousin, Stephanie…

Day 92

Day 92 – I spent today getting lost!  I decided when I got out of work, to go to a semi-local (Howe, Indiana) used book store to see if I could find a replacement book for two for the library (no luck) then headed back into Michigan to go to Bronson to pay a bill.  I have been on this particular back road over and over – it is my usual route to Bronson.  I have no idea where I turned in the opposite direction, but I was driving down some dirty back roads!  I wasn’t too concerned because I knew I would eventually get somewhere familiar.

We are getting ready to head outside for a fire in the backyard and to roast a weinie or two and maybe enjoy a smore, so I am posting a photo I took on the 4th at Coveleski Stadium.

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Day 80

Day 80 completes a weekend of an overabundance of photo ops.  Today’s choice is a selection of photos of Sam jumping at the church picnic.  It was a big day at Riverside today; we are celebrating 36 years, over 80 people were baptized in the river and we had the huge block party going.  What a gorgeous day for everyone to show up – it was standing room only in the auditorium and I can not even imagine how many people were in there; there are usually right around 500 in the second service – there was even a full row of seats occupied by an Amish family there to see their “jerked-over” children baptized.

I will be posting this weekend’s offerings all week because of the sheer volume of photos I was happy with.

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Day 53

Day 53 had too many photos to possibly choose from – Okay, I did choose but everything else is sitting in an album to to uploaded to my facebook page for sharing with family and friends.  Beautiful sun-filled day on the St. Joe today at the campsite.  We just headed out to have our first cook out of the season and my peaceful place left me refreshed and ready for the new week.  Bliss.

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