Day 273 – Unfrozen Snow Droplets

Unfrozen Snow Droplets - Night

Day 273

Out Of The Watercolored Window, When You Look by Delmore Schwartz

When from the watercolored window idly you look
Each is but and clear to see, not steep:
So does the neat print in an actual book
Marching as if to true conclusion, reap
The illimitable blue immensely overhead,
The night of the living and the day of the dead.

I drive in an auto all night long to reach
The apple which has sewed the sunlight up:
My simple self is nothing but the speech
Pleading for the overflow of that great cup,
The darkened body, the mind still as a frieze:
All else is merely means as complex as disease!


Unfrozen Snow Droplets

The snow bands are settled overhead.  This lake effect snow during this mild winter seems somehow surprising falling for the past two days in intermittent squalls.  I am not a lover of winter, but as I went to our ‘large’ metropolitan main street, the snow was falling in such thick sheets, I had to smile.  To make a cliché of it, it looks like a giant snow globe being shaken maniacally.  I am hoping that this snow stays long enough to pose for my camera.

Unfrozen Snow Droplets - Morning