Day 85

Day 85 – Along with day 86, it is coming in late, late, late!  But better late than never, I say!  It has been a very busy couple of days and to be perfectly honest, I just have not wanted to be online.  I have, however, been lugging the camera about with me looking for the odd angle and the general photo op.  So there you go.

85 has you looking at a row of corn from the racoon’s point of view as he hurries along a row.

Day 71

Day 71 – The kids and I spent this evening with Mom and Uncle Mike picking up trash at the Three River’s Water Festival tonight.  I am amazed at how lazy people are when they are standing only feet from a trash can, so I am happy that we went out to volunteer our time to help clean it up.  There were some people with children who were very appreciative; it is so easy to show love for other people in such a simple way.  It is a good lesson for the kids about serving others as well.

The photos today are from my Aunt Bonnie’s house – the head lamps are my favorite of the day.  The cornfield is the runner up – typical view on any random road you turn onto around here….