Day 294 – Some are Wise

Some are Wise

Day 294

Tho’ I get home how late — how late by Emily Dickinson

Tho’ I get home how late — how late —
So I get home – ’twill compensate —
Better will be the Ecstasy
That they have done expecting me —
When Night — descending — dumb — and dark —
They hear my unexpected knock —
Transporting must the moment be —
Brewed from decades of Agony!

To think just how the fire will burn —
Just how long-cheated eyes will turn —
To wonder what myself will say,
And what itself, will say to me —
Beguiles the Centuries of way!

I drove miles, and miles, and miles yesterday.  From the moment I left home for the library, to the 40 minutes I spent at lunch going to the bank and running errands, to the 120 miles I drove to and from District Band Festival (in Mattawan, MI by way of a Kalamazoo side trip) in order to surprise my wonderful son with my wonderful presence, to the 100 miles I drove to and from the far side of Elkhart, IN, I drove more miles than is pleasant.  On the way home I stopped by my old standby, Shipshewana, for a quick shot and I finally pulled into my driveway at 1:00 am.
Is it any wonder that I am wiped out today?  And guess what?  I drove an hour each way from Kalamazoo and back AGAIN today.  You know, some are wise and some are otherwise….