Day 345 – Sugar Beer

The glass is scattered on Harrison Street and I almost passed it by; it is a good thing I look up, down and all around before I move on.

Today’s post brought to you by the folks over at Sugar Beer:

The Lost Drink by Andrew Barton Paterson

I had spent the night in the watch-house —
My head was the size of three —
So I went and asked the chemist
To fix up a drink for me;
And he brewed it from various bottles
With soda and plenty of ice,
With something that smelt like lemon,
And something that seemed like spice.
It fell on my parching palate
Like the dew on a sunbaked plain,
And my system began to flourish
Like the grass in the soft spring rain;
It wandered throughout my being,
Suffusing my soul with rest,
And I felt as I “scoffed” that liquid
That life had a new-found zest.I have been on the razzle-dazzle
Full many a time since then
But I never could get the chemist
To brew me that drink again.
He says he’s forgotten the notion —
‘Twas only by chance it came —
He’s tried me with various liquids
But oh! they are not the same.

We have sought, but we sought it vainly,
That one lost drink divine;
We have sampled his various bottles,
But somehow they don’t combine:
Yet I know when I cross the River
And stand on the Golden Shore
I shall meet with an angel chemist
To brew me that drink once more.

Perfect weather, a nice breeze, an hour or so on my hands in my camera’s favorite little town.  And I was left with 6 photos I really liked and since I am THISCLOSE to being finished with my 365, I decided not to limit myself to one photo choice per day.  Sugar Beer was actually not my favorite, but I liked the idea of giving this post the title Sugar Beer, so there you go.  I think Little Beard is the one I like the best, and oh!  You could smell the fragrance all of the way down the street as it wafted along with the breeze.

At the corner of Morton Street, the scent drifts on the breeze, the colors glow and I am in love.

They will shoot at anything, won’t they?

Closed for a long time, this place is starting to fade.
Allis Chalmers tractor, bright – it caught my eye in an instant as it graced a storefront.

Say Ahhh…

Day 309 – Would You Walk It?

Would You Walk It?

Day 309

All Things Decay and Die by Robert Herrick

All things decay with time: The forest sees
The growth and down-fall of her aged trees;
That timber tall, which three-score lustres stood
The proud dictator of the state-like wood,
I mean the sovereign of all plants, the oak,
Droops, dies, and falls without the cleaver’s stroke.
Well, I am feeling pretty full of myself at this point, having completely caught up with my posts!  I am likely going to break my arm while patting myself on the back for actually getting out to get the photos each day too and while I am at it, why not congratulate myself for reading 6 books in the meantime?  I do have to say that it is getting somewhat difficult to do all of this self-congratulation while my cat, Booker, fights me for the keyboard of my laptop, rolling and stretching ever closer to it.  Silly little cat!
I WAS pleasantly surprised tonight as I went back through the posts on Pablo Buitrago’s page that I have missed while reading and found that he has given me the Sunshine Award!  Thank you so much, Pablo!  And as promised, I am responding to the award on this, my final “catch-up” post for this week:
Thanks, Pablo!

What is your favorite color? : I like BLUE.  Any shade of blue will do, though I particularly like that shade that graces the top of a police car when the officer is pulling someone over – hopefully not me though!

Favorite Animal? : Cats – could I be a crazy old cat lady someday?  Possibly…..

Favorite Number? : I haven’t really thought about a favorite number, but I do like even numbers better than odd!

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink? : Ice.  Water.  Yum.

Prefer Facebook or Twitter? : Facebook – Twitter’s soundbites just annoy the bejeebers out of me – and yes, I do have a Twitter account that only my WordPress posts go to.  I don’t remember the password.

My Passion? : Faith, Family, Fotos.

Prefer Getting Or Giving Gifts? : I am more comfortable giving than receiving.

Favorite Day Of The Week? : Sunday, then Monday – it is the beginning of a fresh new week full of new possibilities!

Favorite Flowers? : Narcissus.  No, lilac!  No, Lily of the Valley!  Or maybe hyacinth or iris.  I can’t possibly choose!

I am supposed to award this Sunshine Award to some people, however as I look through all of the fabulous and talented and wonderful folks I follow, I am having a very difficult time choosing just a few!  But choose I shall:

Antoinette at the Cooking Spree brings me sunshine in every recipe she beautifully presents.

Dawn at 3 Quarters Today brings me sunshine in every positively positive post!

Bonnie at All I’ve Got is a Photograph brings me sunshine with each sweet comment she gives me and each sweet photo she posts.

I am going to stop at three because my brain is positively *boneless* and weary from making it work so hard!  Good night all!

Day 171 – The Look of Things to Come

The Look of Things to Come

Day 171

The Frost-King – Song 1 by Louisa May Alcott

We are sending you, dear flowers
Forth alone to die,
Where your gentle sisters may not weep
O’er the cold graves where you lie;
But you go to bring them fadeless life
In the bright homes where they dwell,
And you softly smile that’t is so,
As we sadly sing farewell.
O plead with gentle words for us,
And whisper tenderly
Of generous love to that cold heart,
And it will answer ye;
And though you fade in a dreary home,
Yet loving hearts will tell
Of the joy and peace that you have given:
Flowers, dear flowers, farewell!

Day 140 – There Are No Lines in Nature

There Are No Lines in Nature

Day 140

Bones by Carl Sandburg

Sling me under the sea.
Pack me down in the salt and wet.
No farmer’s plow shall touch my bones.
No Hamlet hold my jaws and speak
How jokes are gone and empty is my mouth.
Long, green-eyed scavengers shall pick my eyes,
Purple fish play hide-and-seek,
And I shall be song of thunder, crash of sea,
Down on the floors of salt and wet.
Sling me . . . under the sea.

Day 136 – As I Sat Alone

As I Sat Alone

Day 136 – As I Sat Alone

Alone by Sara Teasdale

I am alone, in spite of love,
In spite of all I take and give—
In spite of all your tenderness,
Sometimes I am not glad to live.

I am alone, as though I stood
On the highest peak of the tired gray world,
About me only swirling snow,
Above me, endless space unfurled;

With earth hidden and heaven hidden,
And only my own spirit’s pride
To keep me from the peace of those
Who are not lonely, having died.

Night 123

A toddler's view of Chicago Road.

Night 123 is here!  My daughter sits beside me weaving a friendship bracelet, Yes Man is the noise in my background along with the chirp of a cricket right outside the door and I am actually chilly enough to have a throw over my lap to warm me, except my toes are sticking out and they are little ice cubes!

The Strand - it is showing 5 films right now, none of which I would like to see.

Today I dodged the intermittent sprinkles and took a walk around downtown Sturgis.  It was nice and cloudy so the color saturation was nice and not too much was overexposed.  I wandered by the empty old Moose Lodge and liked the glass brick windows – the building itself is in terrible repair and sits in a hopeless wait with a for sale sign leaning against the door; the stately old Christmere House which is an abandoned bed and breakfast here in town – it is sad to see this beautiful lady falling apart and decaying and in need of rescue; I visited the front of Willers Shoes, where a cheerful planter of flowers modeled graciously; the Strand Theater with its colorful marquee – I am thinking that I will be visiting her with my tripod some night soon.  I like walking our downtown district – there are very few vacant storefronts and there is always great music playing along the sidewalk as you pass by the windows.  I skipped Great Lakes and a couple of other buildings today as the rain started to fall again.  Maybe another day, or perhaps night.

Glass block windows on the Moose Lodge.

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Day 102

Day 102 – I sit here with a pounding head from a very stressful day.  I spent the better part of the day at the salvage yard because with the impeccable timing that time itself has, the alternator went out in Bob’s car.  It seems that if it is not one thing with that car, it is another.  One word of advice:  Do not EVER buy a Ford Taurus.  I did manage to wander the junkyard with my camera but I was dripping wet with the heat and humidity within moments so my creativity was a bit stunted today.

After getting home, we took Bonnie Lou to the vet for a time prognosis.  Dr. Lindamood listened to her heart and lungs and felt her liver.  Her heart was calmed from the wildly erratic beating of yesterday to normal with a gallop, her lungs seem to be free of all fluid (Thank you to Southwest Michigan Animal Hospital for the diuretic shot), and her liver is enlarged with the mass on it.  He did say the the liver may be enlarged because of the heart problem – when the heart stresses like that it can push a lot of blood into the liver, enlarging it and the mass MAY be part of that enlargement.  She is continuing with her heart meds and goes back Friday afternoon to see how things look.  We are taking a wait and see attitude about it.  I dearly love that tiny pussycat.

I am so ready to look at the backs of my eyelids…