Day 183 – Waiting to Dance

Waiting to Dance

Day 183

In Dance by Raymond A. Foss

They worshipped, praised the Lord,
sang with their movements, their bodies, their beings
In dance they prayed, sang with their feet
barefoot, on holy ground, they spun, and kneeled
their arms to the heavens, their hearts to God
In dance they sang for our creator
what a joyous sound they made

Today was first rehearsals for the Christmas production at my church, Riverside.  By production, I do not mean program – it is a huge production with dance, theater, lights, loud music, shiny, shiny scenery and The Story.  My daughter (the blurry one in the background) will be learning 3 lyrical dances – today’s dance was to Carol of the Bells, the Transiberian Orchestra style.  She will also be doing a Kite dance and one to Midnight Clear.  I am one of the “behind the scenes” crew but have volunteered to be a caroler.  I look so forward to the production each year; this is the first time I will not be a consumer but part of the product.  We are looking at 3 shows, possibly 4 if enough tickets are “purchased.”  Blessed be.