Day 265 – Nectar of the Gods

Nectar of the Gods

Day 265

Awakening by George William Russell

The lights shone down the street
In the long blue close of day:
A boy’s heart beat sweet, sweet,
As it flowered in its dreamy clay.

Beyond the dazzling throng
And above the towers of men
The stars made him long, long,
To return to their light again.

They lit the wondrous years
And his heart within was gay;
But a life of tears, tears,
He had won for himself that day.

I like coffee.  But please don’t try to humor me with the stuff that comes straight out of the pot.  I want the coffee beans ground into a fine powder and I want hot water pushed through that fine powder into a nice little carafe.  And while that water is being forced through the coffee, I want some milk steamed until it has a nice ribbon of vapor wafting from it.  And did I mention the chocolate?  It is better, I think, if some semi-sweet chocolate chunks are steamed and melted right into that nice hot milk with a shot of vanilla or raspberry stirred in for good measure.  Stir the coffee and milk together in a nice tall cup and top with a dollop of whipped cream and I am ready to grant your boon; I’m not unreasonable, after all…

•••Only 100 days to go on this project!!!!•••


Day 226 – Cup a Joe

Cup a Joe

Day 226

21st Century Rodin -Mark L. Lucker

The upper right-hand
corner of my desk blotter;
a fresh, stark canvas
this morning, now a sepia
montage of concentric
I sip,
I Think.
I sip,
I think.
I sip…
I think.
Big sip
sip sip sip
sip sip sippppp.
Final sip, cup down.
A caffeine-laced
still life of a Slinky.
was-I-ever productive

Another day late.  Maybe I didn’t have enough coffee yesterday.  Or maybe not enough ambition.  Still no photo taken at 5:30 pm and walking out of the library.  I was first in line at the traffic light.  My coffee shop sits at the corner.  The light is long.  The light outside was just right.  My camera was beside me.  So I shot the coffee shop.  And it felt good….