Day 72

Day 72 – What an AWESOME day!  We started out the day serving others in Three Rivers with our peeps from Riverside Church serving others – our group was at a BP gas station washing windshields and pumping gas.  Michael and Sami also threw away people’s car trash for them.  After one hour, Sami and I headed over to Skidmore Park to pick up the trash festival goers threw all over the ground.  Then back to the church for a wienie roast.  Mmmmm!

We all then walked to the main drag to take a look at the slick autos brought in for the car show.  Zowee!  What a lot of fabulous rebuilt, restored and shiny shiny cars!  I had a heck of a time stopping myself from shooting every single one of them!  I took a vote at my facebook page for the shot of the day and the 1962 Impala was the choice!

Tonight the kids and I headed back to watch the fireworks show and it was fantabulous!  I sat on a grassy hill with our blanket and watched people while the kids took in the midway.  I noted all of the sights and sounds and the general amount of humanity milling about.  People are interesting; scary sometimes, funny sometimes but always interesting…

Here is a slide show of the rest of my shots.

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