Day 105

Day 105 brought us a break in the heat.   Today I headed down a country road that takes me into Indiana and this spherical container that sits at the edge of a corn field.  No clue what it is for but I have been itching to photograph it.   On my way back, I spotted this irrigation sprinkler and liked the way it went over the hill with the clouds behind it.

We live in a fairly flat and very agricultural area.  While this area does not have rolling hills, mountains, waterfalls or spectacular scenery, I find so much beauty in what I do see surrounding me.  When I look at the cornfields, stalks growing high and tassling,  the soybean fields thick with deep green leaves, the potato fields with white flowers capping the leafy stems, I see our farmers feeding our country.  There is a beautiful symmetry in the lines of crops stretching out.  The farms are neat and clutter free, I suspect that it is the influence of the Amish community in the area – they are meticulous about the cleanliness of their farms.  The Amish farmhouses are white with beautiful vegetable gardens encircled with bright flowers.  The workhorses are huge and gorgeous;  in the spring, you are sure to see 4 to 6 of them hitched to a plow and an Amish gentleman driving them through the fields.   And the smell of the fresh dirt!    In the morning and late afternoon, the irrigation sprinklers are spraying the many fields.  When the sun is shining through them, they practically glow.   There is very little light pollution, so  a sky full of stars can easily awe you;  the meteor showers are spectacular.  This area is dotted with lakes; go a mile it seems and you can see a body of water.  No, we don’t have the ‘wow’ you see in so many places, but I have grown to love this area and love the beauty that pops up unexpectedly in the oddest places.

Day 82

CLASSIFICATION : Toads are classified in the phylum -Chordata, subphylum -Vertebrata, class -Amphibia, order -Anura. The genus that includes more than 300 species is Bufo of the family Bufonidae. Besides Bufo, the family includes 25 genera. The giant toad is classified as Bufo marinus. The American toad is classified as Bufo americanus and the southern toad as Bufo terrestris.

Day 82 – This tiny fellow, or fellowette, was down by the riverbank while Michael was fishing.  I don’t care what kind of baby animal it is, when the animal is this tiny, it is just darn CUTE!  A couple of weeks ago when we were out to the river for a cook out, we found another just like this.  I was completely fascinated with this little creature that was no bigger than my thumbnail.  When we were finished cooing over it, we released it on the hill that leads back down to the river bank.

Day 71

Day 71 – The kids and I spent this evening with Mom and Uncle Mike picking up trash at the Three River’s Water Festival tonight.  I am amazed at how lazy people are when they are standing only feet from a trash can, so I am happy that we went out to volunteer our time to help clean it up.  There were some people with children who were very appreciative; it is so easy to show love for other people in such a simple way.  It is a good lesson for the kids about serving others as well.

The photos today are from my Aunt Bonnie’s house – the head lamps are my favorite of the day.  The cornfield is the runner up – typical view on any random road you turn onto around here….

Day 18 and on…

Well, Day 18 is sitting in my hard drive, and my hard drive is sitting in my dead laptop.  Downloaded a brush that I have used before for Photoshop and somehow picked up a nasty trojan.  Quarantined it with Malwarebytes and did one restart which booted normally.  Did a second restart with a Windows update and now it won’t re-boot….  sigh.  I am heartbroken right now.  So, my trusty little companion is to go to the hospital to see if anything can be recovered and hopefully saved ie. Photoshop…  I may be forced to use gimp on my fancy new desktop, but until then, I will continue to photograph each day until I get my sweet little girl back.  big sigh…..