Day 315 – The Grass Has Riz

The Grass has Riz

So, I have been taking a photo each day, forcing myself to do so.  With so little of this project to finish, I think that it is time to get time posted.  I do not think that I will be starting a new photo odyssey when I finish this, instead giving myself the pleasure of taking a photo for the photo’s sake instead of because I have to.

And that said, I will be posting the past month’s photos with no words.  We’ll get back to those later….

8 thoughts on “Day 315 – The Grass Has Riz

  1. This is lovely. 🙂
    Having done a 365 project, I know what a relief it is to finish, and to do things because you want to rather than because you feel you have to.

    • I am going to continue with WordPress, Pablo, though I do post a few on FB. This is a much better platform and to be honest, I just like having a blog to work with so much better than FB.

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