Day 313 – A Tree Grows in Sturgis

A Tree Grows in Sturgis

Day 313

I am the heat of your hearth, the shade screening you from the sun;
I am the beam that holds your house, the board of your table;
I am the handle of your hoe,
the door of your homestead;
the wood of your cradle,
and the shell of your coffin.
I am the gift of God and
the friend of man.
— Author Unknown


I made myself do it.  Yes, one photo today and believe me, it was a struggle.  At least I didn’t have to leave me front yard to get this.

I must apologize to everyone I follow and to those of you who are leaving me such kind comments and feedback – I really have not been at 100% for some time now from one thing or another, and the back log of needed responses continues to pile up.  I really do look at everything that comes to my inbox, by the minute it seems – I just have not either had the time or the energy depending upon the week to acknowledge anything coming through.  I did make a small dent in the pile tonight, but got so tired that poor Kathryn was not given the attention that she, honest to God, deserves. So, here I sit once more with a pushy cat on my lap who is demanding my laptop keyboard, and I am ready to fall asleep.

I will leave this on a quote:  “After all… tomorrow is another day. “


17 thoughts on “Day 313 – A Tree Grows in Sturgis

  1. The helicopter has landed, but it will be several years before it takes off for the sky. 🙂 A great shot.

    Don’t apologize for getting around to visit other blogs. Some things take priority.

  2. Wow, I love this! ‘New beginnings!’ Great shot! What amazes me is how much more closely I look at nature now that I’m taking photos every day. These are things I would have missed before, and I’m thankful that I take the time to really look around me now.

    • It is amazing how much you see when you really get into this project, Denise, because you are forced to look for something different to shoot constantly. And as happy as I am to be thisclosetotheend, I am so happy that I did it because it really did change my ‘eye.’

  3. No apologies needed for anything! You have had incredibly huge reasons for taking it easier lately. But honestly, there’s nothing that says you can’t pace yourself anyway. You are beyond special, and we all know it already. That requires nothing further for proof. Love you.

  4. I know how you feel…but no need to apologise for not responding…we will all be here waiting when you are ready to come back to the blogging world 🙂 I love this picture…great detail and texture…

      • So happy for you!!! Thanks so excited…and I’m flattered that I have inspired you in some way….can’t wait to see your pics from your shoot…365 will be finished by then, but I hope you will email some to me! Best of luck

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