Day 310 – Nesting


Day 310

To A Squirrel At Kyle-Na-No by William Butler Yeats

Come play with me;
Why should you run
Through the shaking tree
As though I’d a gun
To strike you dead?
When all I would do
Is to scratch your head
And let you go.
We have little black squirrels in Sturgis.  I have been told that they are not native to the area and this was told to me in a sneering tone with full lip curl.  I really don’t care that they are not native to this area;  they are cute little buggers, not as aggressive as their brown cousins and have I mentioned that they are cute little buggers?
This young lady is building her breeding nest so we know that we will soon have tiny bushy-tailed squirrels running up and down the tree and driving the cats to distraction.

14 thoughts on “Day 310 – Nesting

    • She kept running back and forth with that mouthful of leaves, not wanting to pass by me. Finally she went up the tree, leaped a few branches and skittered down the tree trunk! I can’t wait to watch the babies!

  1. Black squirrels are so cool, and really rare where I live. They always make me a bit sad when I see them as I am reminded of when I was a kid some jerk shot my black cat thinking it was one of those “rare” black squirrels.

  2. Very cute!
    I never saw a black squirrel before, never; I didn’t even know about their existance!
    Haha, and I’m glad they are not as aggresive as the brown ones, those ones get angry all the time 🙂

  3. Black and brown squirrels ! more pictures please. 🙂
    We have Red or Grey squirels here, the red ones are getting more and more scarce as the grey ones are apparently the stronger ones and the red ones are dying out.

    • I just did some additional reading about our little black squirrels and it seems that they ARE in fact, native to North America and were quite dominant before the the Europeans came and cut down the forests here. It is a genetic mutation that causes the black furring.
      There are many areas where they actually brought more of the black squirrels in to decrease the red squirrel population, but the black squirrel derives from the gray squirrel family (with the mutations)

  4. There are random sightings of black squirrels in Omaha, I’ve seen a few and I take it as a sign of good luck. I also love the big fat fluffy gray squirrels of New England. They don’t get fluffy here in Nebraska.

  5. I ♥ black squirrels. We lived in Kent (Ohio), near Kent State University, for a few years and had black squirrels in our backyard. I loved watching them play. They would chase each other all around the yard and trees. Quite entertaining (and cute!). The black squirrel is an unofficial mascot of KSU (not too unofficial, though, as you can find toy black squirrels in their bookstore).

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