Day 303 – Not Pink

Not Pink

Day 303

Pink Azalea by Kim Unsong

Early on an April day
In the land of morning calm
Azaleas bloom pink
At sunrise with a bright salaam They bloom alone
Around a quiet place
Where men, animals and insects
make little havoc of rat-race Azaleas are no Cosmos flower
Standing by the roadside
Flirting, giggling and cheek-rubbing
Against passersby, so dignified
They only bloom pink
Like maidens’ heart, so purified
Breathing free fresh air
In the morning glow, misty-eyed
They drift upon the river
Getting neither wet nor dried Azaleas refuse to be tainted
By evening glow on the west-side
Mellowing into a pink shade
Beneath the sun at eventide

But it does have pink undertones....

6 thoughts on “Day 303 – Not Pink

    • They are staples in many yards here, Pablo. Very hardy, azaleas give beautiful color in the spring with many varieties and during the summer months, provide green cover. In the first home my husband and I owned, we had 4 different colors of azalea in the front yard. After we sold the house, the new owners didn’t take care of them and they are now spindly little things overgrown with hedges. =(

  1. Azaleas were practically as prolific as weeds around us in the northwest, but never remotely made us blase about them. So delicate, so dainty, such marvelous splashes of color!

    • I actually had another that I didn’t post, but liked better than the two of these; the framing was a bit wonky on it though and I wasn’t sure it would appeal to others as much as it appealed to me.
      I like the second one better as well and should have posted it at the top, but with all of those posts to catch up with, I just said, “To heck with it!”

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