Day 301 – Bowling Freaks

Jalen, Michael, Justin and Kaylynn

Day 301

Bliss is the plaything of the child — by Emily Dickinson

Bliss is the plaything of the child —
The secret of the man
The sacred stealth of Boy and Girl
Rebuke it if we can
Michigan State Youth Bowling Tournaments 2012. We spent the weekend in Flint, MI and watched hundreds of children, young men and young ladies bowling their little hearts out.  I am so proud of my sweet, sweet boy who bowled well in singles and doubles and not so well in the team event and who helped a boy from the Thumb area find his mark so that he would do well and who, despite worrying about letting his team down, didn’t let his worry set his mood.

3 thoughts on “Day 301 – Bowling Freaks

  1. Hi Cyndi!
    I wanted to ask you, if you know how the group on facebook works?
    Is there an specific time to submit the posts? Can I jsut put my wordpress url?
    Just let me know if you have any information.
    Greetings from Colombia!

    • Alicia gives everyone until 11:00 EST each Saturday to post two photos onto the weekly challenge. When I was posting to the weekly challenge (I don’t any longer because sometimes she has me post the album for her – my choice not to) I just gave her the URL to the picture I was posting from WordPress – just click on your photo to open it in its own tab and save the URL. You can’t post for the album that was just posted but you can post two of this upcoming week’s photos by this next Saturday! The prize for winning the weekly challenge isn’t anything stupendous – just your photo featured as the cover photo and as the group’s profile image for the week!
      My son really wanted me to post a couple of links this week, but I knew I wouldn’t have them all posted on time!

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