Day 297 – Another One of “those” Shots

Another One of "those" Shots

Day 297

Oh fair enough are sky and plain by A. E. Housman

Oh fair enough are sky and plain,
But I know fairer far:
Those are as beautiful again
That in the water are;

The pools and rivers wash so clean
The trees and clouds and air,
The like on earth was never seen,
And oh that I were there.

These are the thoughts I often think
As I stand gazing down
In act upon the cressy brink
To strip and dive and drown;

But in the golden-sanded brooks
And azure meres I spy
A silly lad that longs and looks
And wishes he were I.

I have photographed this stretch of river in every season and almost every month.  And each time I take a photo, it is new again.  I never tire of it.  The river is very high now, the water over the flat banks we normally sit on while dangling our toes in the water for the tiny fish to nibble on.  I had to tip toe around the water, holding on to the high banks so that I wouldn’t trip into the cold wet.  Before long, the water will recede, the trees will be in full leaf and my children will be sitting on the flat part of the river bank with fishing poles while I dangle my toes once more.  And I will think about my father.

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