Day 295 – Purple and Bokeh

Purple and Bokeh

Day 295 –

The Violet by Jane Taylor

Down in a green and shady bed,
A modest violet grew;
Its stalk was bent, it hung its head
As if to hide from view.
And yet it was a lovely flower,
Its colour bright and fair;
It might have graced a rosy bower,
Instead of hiding there.

Yet thus it was content to bloom,
In modest tints arrayed;
And there diffused a sweet perfume,
Within the silent shade.

Then let me to the valley go
This pretty flower to see;
That I may also learn to grow
In sweet humility.

Some consider them a pest, a weed.  I like the carpet of velvety purple in my yard, the delicate, easily crushed flowers.  I have white and purple violets that look like miniature pansies, all over my yard and it reeks of Spring.  The daffodils and narcissus are starting to bloom and my hyacinths are little green buds ready to burst. The robins are bouncing all over the yard and out in the rural areas the red-winged black birds are perching on the tall dry weeds.
This early Spring is good for my peace of mind.

23 thoughts on “Day 295 – Purple and Bokeh

    • All of the pessimists keep saying that they are not enjoying this wonderful weather because we are going to just get dumped on by a big snow storm – well, I say enjoy it while it is here and even if we do get more snow, it will be gone quickly! I love it!

  1. I LOVE this image. It’s really beautiful.

    I haven’t seen any violets popping up around here yet. Strange, now that I think about it, since just about everything else is blooming.

  2. Weed, schmeed! I love almost *anything* that blooms, and if it chooses to do so where I’d put something else, who am I to argue? Violets are one of the most beautiful of all wildflowers, in their way, and these (though far from either humble or modest as described by the estimable Ms. Taylor) are highly worthy of admiration.

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