Day 294 – Some are Wise

Some are Wise

Day 294

Tho’ I get home how late — how late by Emily Dickinson

Tho’ I get home how late — how late —
So I get home – ’twill compensate —
Better will be the Ecstasy
That they have done expecting me —
When Night — descending — dumb — and dark —
They hear my unexpected knock —
Transporting must the moment be —
Brewed from decades of Agony!

To think just how the fire will burn —
Just how long-cheated eyes will turn —
To wonder what myself will say,
And what itself, will say to me —
Beguiles the Centuries of way!

I drove miles, and miles, and miles yesterday.  From the moment I left home for the library, to the 40 minutes I spent at lunch going to the bank and running errands, to the 120 miles I drove to and from District Band Festival (in Mattawan, MI by way of a Kalamazoo side trip) in order to surprise my wonderful son with my wonderful presence, to the 100 miles I drove to and from the far side of Elkhart, IN, I drove more miles than is pleasant.  On the way home I stopped by my old standby, Shipshewana, for a quick shot and I finally pulled into my driveway at 1:00 am.
Is it any wonder that I am wiped out today?  And guess what?  I drove an hour each way from Kalamazoo and back AGAIN today.  You know, some are wise and some are otherwise….

6 thoughts on “Day 294 – Some are Wise

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being “otherwise” sometime, so long as you can balance it with being wise for part of the time too.
    Here’s hoping for an easier day for you tomorrow. 🙂

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