Day 292 – Sunset in a Cup

Sunset in a Cup

Day 292

Bring me the sunset in a cup, by Emily Dickinson

Bring me the sunset in a cup,
Reckon the morning’s flagons up
And say how many Dew,
Tell me how far the morning leaps —
Tell me what time the weaver sleeps
Who spun the breadth of blue!

Write me how many notes there be
In the new Robin’s ecstasy
Among astonished boughs —
How many trips the Tortoise makes —
How many cups the Bee partakes,
The Debauchee of Dews!

Also, who laid the Rainbow’s piers,
Also, who leads the docile spheres
By withes of supple blue?
Whose fingers string the stalactite —
Who counts the wampum of the night
To see that none is due?

Who built this little Alban House
And shut the windows down so close
My spirit cannot see?
Who’ll let me out some gala day
With implements to fly away,
Passing Pomposity?

 This sunset almost passed me by yesterday, or did I almost pass it by?  How is it that my distracted mind could almost miss the glorious golds that the sky was offering me?  I am thankful that the sun was pushy and shared its evening glory with me.


16 thoughts on “Day 292 – Sunset in a Cup

  1. This made me laugh as I had a similar thought the other day in regards to the pushiness of a sunset. I was busy doing something and an amazing sunset was beginning. Unable to go photography, I kept thinking “oh, would you quit it already.” Wonderful capture, and love that magenta cloud bubbling up on the horizon.

    • And your comment gave me a laugh as you kept thinking, “oh, would you quit it already,” because my thoughts were running along those lines as I drove to my dental appointment this morning, running a few minutes late, and mourned over the fact that I couldn’t stop and photograph the sunrise shining through some mist hanging over a small pond. sigh…..

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