Day 291 – Pea in a Pod

Pea in a Pod

Day 291

A Seed by William Allingham

See how a Seed, which Autumn flung down,
And through the Winter neglected lay,
Uncoils two little green leaves and two brown,
With tiny root taking hold on the clay
As, lifting and strengthening day by day,
It pushes red branchless, sprouts new leaves,
And cell after cell the Power in it weaves
Out of the storehouse of soil and clime,
To fashion a Tree in due course of time;
Tree with rough bark and boughs’ expansion,
Where the Crow can build his mansion,
Or a Man, in some new May,
Lie under whispering leaves and say,
“Are the ills of one’s life so very bad
When a Green Tree makes me deliciously glad?”
As I do now. But where shall I be
When this little Seed is a tall green Tree?
This seed pod is about 9 inches long and rattles when you shake it.  First I photographed it, then I picked it up and brought it home.  Now it sits on my kitchen counter destined never to sprout and grow….

5 thoughts on “Day 291 – Pea in a Pod

  1. … unless of course destiny chooses to knock it off the counter into the trash where it will sit amongst the warm, moist, fermenting rubbish on its way to a landfill site where it can sprout and grow until it’s heart is content. 🙂

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