Day 287 – It Came in Like a Lion.

It Came in Like a Lion.

Day 286

MARCH. by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The snow-flakes fall in showers,

The time is absent still,
When all Spring’s beauteous flowers,
When all Spring’s beauteous flowers

Our hearts with joy shall fill.

With lustre false and fleeting

The sun’s bright rays are thrown;
The swallow’s self is cheating:
The swallow’s self is cheating,

And why? He comes alone!

Can I e’er feel delighted

Alone, though Spring is near?
Yet when we are united,
Yet when we are united,

The Summer will be here.


This photo isn’t showing you how the lion has actually been roaring – you can’t see the wind blowing and the morning’s snow blew away at this point.  So many branches litter yards and roads, even a few trees have tumbled this week.  Looking at 60’s this coming week, so I am hoping that the lamb is heading out of the barn.

A friend posed this question today: “Have you ever noticed how when you are not looking for love, that’s always when it seems to come looking for you?”  I am driving to Dayton, OH to the wedding of my niece who wasn’t looking 6 months ago.  It is to be an intimate wedding, immediate family only and I was supposed to be a guest only at this wedding.  However, the photographer I recommended and who was hired, backed out at the beginning of this week (something better came along, so she threw professionalism and ethics to the wind) and I will be providing the camera work.  And I am tickled pink that I can do this for her as a wedding gift.  Guess what tomorrow’s photo will be?

12 thoughts on “Day 287 – It Came in Like a Lion.

  1. You were in our neck of the woods! We live in Cincinnati. Well, gosh darn! We could have gotten together for a cuppa. Next time perhaps. 🙂

    Cerulean skies,
    I would
    that the falling
    paint me
    What a beautiful beautiful beautiful photograph!! And Goethe’s poem too! Lovely post!

    • And I love the words you put together as a treat for me too! I am going to do something with them soon!
      As for that cuppa, if I am in your neck of the woods again, I am going to take you up on that!

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