Day 281 – It Was the Cat

It Was the Cat

Day 281

The Cat in the Hat (an excerpt) by Dr. Seuss

The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So we sat in the house
All that cold, cold, wet day.I sat there with Sally.
We sat there, we two.
And I said, “How I wish
We had something to do!”

Too wet to go out
And too cold to play ball.
So we sat in the house.
We did nothing at all.

So all we could do was to
And we did not like it.
Not one little bit.

And then
something went BUMP!
How that bump made us jump!

We looked!
Then we saw him step in on the mat!
We looked!
And we saw him!
The Cat in the Hat!
And he said to us,
“Why do you sit there like that?”
“I know it is wet
And the sun is not sunny.
But we can have
Lots of good fun that is funny!”

“I know some good games we could play,”
Said the cat.
“I know some new tricks,”
Said the Cat in the Hat.
“A lot of good tricks.
I will show them to you.
Your mother
Will not mind at all if I do.”


Happy Birthday, Theodor Seuss Geisel


14 thoughts on “Day 281 – It Was the Cat

  1. I read it somewhere recently that it took him a great long while to get published. People kept turning him down. Can you imagine??? A world without Dr. Seuss?? Unimaginable!

  2. I wish you could have seen the exhibition of Geisel’s art we saw a couple of years ago in San Francisco, stuff ranging from his early commercial illustrations on through the book beauties and on to the fantastic 3D sculptures he made (like hunting trophies) of his own fabulous creatures. It was a blast!

    • Oh! That would have been wonderful to experience! I think I am just about pea green right now!
      On a side note, and about Geisel at all, we saw a wonderful exhibit of Rowland Emett’s wonderful fantastical inventions, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, quite a few years ago – I was awestruck — I probably would have been the same for a Geisel exhibit!

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