Day 277 – It Has Curve

It Has Curve

Day 277

Beauty Clear and Fair by John Fletcher

Beauty clear and fair,
Where the air
Rather like a perfume dwells;
Where the violet and the rose
Their blue veins and blush disclose,
And come to honour nothing else:

Where to live near
And planted there
Is to live, and still live new;
Where to gain a favour is
More than light, perpetual bliss–
Make me live by serving you!

Dear, again back recall
To this light,
A stranger to himself and all!
Both the wonder and the story
Shall be yours, and eke the glory;
I am your servant, and your thrall.

This is another piece of my pretty glass.  It beckoned me.  Okay, I was desperate for a subject last night and the glass is a decent standby in my book.
And onward to post number three….

12 thoughts on “Day 277 – It Has Curve

    • I don’t think I would want to crunch on this one though! But now that I go back to look at it, you are so right – it makes me think of the hard candy we used to get from one of my dad’s client’s wives when I was little – I always took the green kind before anyone else could!

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