Day 274 – Winter Posing

Winter Posing

Day 274

images of snow – february 1996 by Rg Gregory

snow is a thousand flowers
the chinese probably said
hundreds and thousands this morning
drop their garlands on my head
last night the festoons started
long before we went to bed

snow is a white-furred rabbit
the chinese probably wrote
hedgerows and fields this morning
wear a similar fluffy coat
last night the winter danced back
with a white fur round its throat

snow is a treacherous fox-face
the chinese probably thought
it lurks in wait this morning
for the weak and overwrought
last night it laughed its head off
loving the fear it’s brought

Chionophobia is a fear of snow.  We have snow now.  If you are a chionophibiaist, you might want to avoid the Great Lakes region here in the United States.  The snow has fallen in fat cottony lumps on the tips of shrubs and trees and is coating the sides of trees.  If the sun would have shone today, I think everything would have had that sparkle that dazzles me and holds me transfixed for long periods of time.  So all of this snow begs me to make note of one, two or maybe more, snow facts.
  • Snow is transparent!  It isn’t white.  Honestly!  It reflects so much color that our eyes can’t translate and they see it as white.
  • Snow flakes are always 6 sided, though some of those sides can be quite misshapen.
  • Each snowflake is made up of 2 to 200 crystals which leads me to…
  • The largest snowflake!  It was found in Montana a long, long time ago in an era far, far away.  In 1887, a snowflake measuring 15 inches (!) across was found!  It was also 8 (!) inches thick.  How would you like that *little* bit of a snowflake hitting your windshield at 55 mph?
  • The average snowfall in my little part of the world is 70.8 inches per year.  If you are in the states, you can see your average here.
  • Matching snow flakes were found in Wisconsin in 1988.  So two snowflakes CAN be exactly alike!
  • You really should not eat yellow snow….
The snow has stayed long enough to pose for me.  Enjoy it today, because tomorrow it is planning on bowing its way out of here.

Winter Posing - Banker Street Road

25 thoughts on “Day 274 – Winter Posing

  1. WOW!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the images!! My fingers are simply itching to paint the first image. IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL. Actually the photo in itself looks like a painting too.
    And those are some amazing facts about the snow. Fascinating! Transparent snow, who would have thunk it?
    And I would also like to know who discovered the matching snowflakes. I mean, can you imagine, day in and day out, sitting out in the snow and comparing snowflakes? Hmm! What interesting lives people lead.

  2. You have blown my mind!…2 snowflakes can be exactly alike ???? I absolutely love this shots…please do yourself a favour and get them printed. Beautiful

  3. I am now ten times more knowledgeable about snow than I was before. Oh, ten times zero isn’t all that impressive. But wait, I *did* know the rule about not ingesting yellow snow, so I’m more improved-er than I thought.

    I love that first photo especially. It looks like a gorgeous watercolor!

  4. Beautiful post, especially the images. I often wondered about the myth surrounding snowflakes (that no two are alike). With so many snowflakes out there, it seems like there would have to be some that are alike. It’s just difficult to find them. 🙂

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