Day 272 – The View From Up Here

The View From Up Here (with my iPhone)

Day 272

The Windows by Constantine P. Cavafy

In these darkened rooms, where I spend
oppressive days, I pace to and fro
to find the windows. — When a window
opens, it will be a consolation. —
But the windows cannot be found, or I cannot
find them. And maybe it is best that I do not find them.
Maybe the light will be a new tyranny.
Who knows what new things it will reveal.
It is late.
It is dark.
It is cold.
It is snowing, once again.
I am tired of winter and her gray skies.
I am tired of brown grass lying flat.
I heard a cardinal singing his ‘come hither’ song the other day.
I could feel warmer days in my heart.

14 thoughts on “Day 272 – The View From Up Here

  1. This is cool. 🙂 Love the feel of B&W.

    I think – for me anyway – that this winter seems longer, because there hasn’t really been a winter. A skiff of snow here and there, that always melts. So, we haven’t been able to enjoy the fun parts of winter – tobogganing, hockey, curling up in a snug house by the fire… (without the snow, our old farmhouse is very drafty!)

  2. The poem is so very like one of those ‘trapped’ sorts of nightmares, where nothing is *quite* like it’s supposed or expected or hoped to be. And yes, trying to escape endless-seeming winter can be that way too! Not here–though tonight the wind kicked up mighty chilly and makes me think we’ve a blast or two left in our pseudo-winter at the least. Hope it’s not too mean to my sprouts and leaflets.

    • The poem makes me remember a story that my aunt told be about her long stay (108 day) at this building with the windows (it is Borgess Hospital). Her medication was giving her hallucinations and she was seeing red faces come out of the walls; she said that she didn’t think she would ever feel the wind on her face again.
      As for our weather, we have been graced with some lake effect snow, but it will likely be gone within the next couple of days…

  3. i love all the lines and the choice of b&w.

    We haven’t had much snow down here in NC (only one day of it, then it melted) but have had LOTS of gray, overcast, rainy days this winter. Sooooooo ready for summer and sunlight!!!

  4. Love all the geometric designs! So many patterns and yet they compliment each other so well. Would it be right to say, you chose a good angle?
    Its very blustery and windy here today. I went up to my favourite church this morning that sits atop a hill and it was so cold in there and I could hear the wind rushing in from all sides. It felt a bit like Armageddon. 🙂 It even rustled through my meditation, blowing my prayers hither and thither. It was quite interesting.

    • I do too, thank God. As I was telling Kathryn in my response to her comment, the poem was fitting for this building and this day as we waited for my aunt to go through one more surgery of too many. She spent 108 days in this building last behind the windows that wouldn’t open. Her windows will be opening again this coming Monday and God is good.

    • I was happy with the contrast – it was all Hipstamatic on my iPhone and it was a pleasant surprise to have it actually turn out. Normally I don’t use my phone for photos, but I had forgotten an SD card that day. Talk about slapping my forehead!!!

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