Day 270 – In a Brown Land

In a Brown Land

Day 270

Now, O Now in This Brown Land by James Joyce

Now, O now, in this brown land
Where Love did so sweet music make
We two shall wander, hand in hand,
Forbearing for old friendship’ sake,
Nor grieve because our love was gay
Which now is ended in this way.

A rogue in red and yellow dress
Is knocking, knocking at the tree;
And all around our loneliness
The wind is whistling merrily.
The leaves — – they do not sigh at all
When the year takes them in the fall.

Now, O now, we hear no more
The vilanelle and roundelay!
Yet will we kiss, sweetheart, before
We take sad leave at close of day.
Grieve not, sweetheart, for anything — –
The year, the year is gathering.

My sweet boy and I walked tonight.  I was quite stylish on that walk with my brown dress slacks, my brown Mackinac Island hoodie with burgundy turtleneck, orange and white running shoes, brown fuzzy gloves and white and black knit head wrap.  I was set to go in true style and completed the look with hot pink and lime green ear buds to listen to my walking playlist.
It is so easy to embarrass a 13-year-old boy, even on a swiftly darkening evening.
With the cold wind blowing through my head wrap and into my ears, we decided to cut the walk short with a short cut through the dark cemetery. The conversation was good, the company better even though my sweet boy was walking 10 paces behind my stylish self.  Then I started to dance as we walked through the cemetery.  There was only me, the sweet boy and those who were tucked in under the brown winter grass (and maybe a sleepy squirrel or two).  The distance between my sweet boy and I lengthened to 20 paces, me dancing to Bang Bang, him walking with his head averted.
I can’t wait for tomorrow’s stroll.  It is so easy to embarrass a 13-year-old boy….

17 thoughts on “Day 270 – In a Brown Land

  1. I simply adore your work Cyndi! Your perspective on this shot, and the rendering of it, just spot on gorgeous. And could it possibly be any brown-earthier? (no!)
    Love the poem you chose too!

  2. Love the umber and gold tints and the creamy white trees in the background! And the way the light light light blue sky makes it all pop. Wonderful!
    I can so relate to your anecdote! I have been known to embarrass my son with a few of my “killer” dance moves too. Among other things. ;D
    And honestly, it is so much fun to see him shake his head, roll his eyes and say, *gah*. I think they look adorable when they act all grown-uppy, don’t you?

    • Oh, they look adorable, but they can be so maddening as well! I swear, my IQ is dropping by the second as my son gets older. I am still at genius level with my daughter, but I see my innate grown-up dumbness in the near future with her as well. Embarrassing them is how I get back at them!

  3. Never having had a son, I have to rely on my skills for embarrassing nephews, but we’ve got nine of *those* and believe me, I *am* skilled! What, your sweet boy is going to be humiliated by dead people?? 😉

    • He is my dramarama boy, let me tell you! I am sure he was imagining skeletal fingers gripping tombstones in an effort to restrain themselves with the horror of my embarrassing behavior! You should have seen him when I Frankenstein walked through the parking lot of a mall that we were at some months ago!

    • Your 13 year old is getting close though, I’ll bet! It seems to happen over night! Enjoy it while you can, and I hope that it doesn’t happen at all – it isn’t unheard of and the lucky one’s whose 13 year old child doesn’t get that way usually keep a high IQ all the way to 21 too!

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