Karen’s poetry reaches within with raw honesty and deeply felt emotion. sigh. So beautiful.

365+ (ks ballou)


Just a moment ago,
A hint of a whisper of a flavor
On the tip of my reckless tongue,
At my fingertips,
Like the phantoms fleetingly appearing
On mornings of fog and mists –
Here but a moment.  Now gone.

Something about the oftenness
With which I birth Anger,
All bitter and dark like death.
How infrequently we all carry Joy,
Nurturing it with all the Hope we possess,
And somehow yet Joy while rarer
Conquers Anger,
As Light always conquers Darkness and
Our fears, the fertile soil of the Anger we bear.

All of this
On the heels of a thought –
More like a memory or
Precognition or only a dream
About the intimacy of parallels,
When here
From there
Is a million miles where we are blanketed
Apart, never even face to face now
Our lives completely different
But still, somehow, parallel.

And when my heart sings…

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