Day 266 – Stars Not in the Sky

Stars Not in the Sky

Day 266

Night by Sidney Lanier

Fair is the wedded reign of Night and Day.
Each rules a half of earth with different sway,
Exchanging kingdoms, East and West, alway.

Like the round pearl that Egypt drunk in wine,
The sun half sinks i’ the brimming, rosy brine:
The wild Night drinks all up: how her eyes shine!

Now the swift sail of straining life is furled,
And through the stillness of my soul is whirled
The throbbing of the hearts of half the world.

I hear the cries that follow Birth and Death.
I hear huge Pestilence draw his vaporous breath:
“Beware, prepare, or else ye die,” he saith.

I hear a haggard student turn and sigh:
I hear men begging Heaven to let them die:
And, drowning all, a wild-eyed woman’s cry.

So Night takes toll of Wisdom as of Sin.
The student’s and the drunkard’s cheek is thin:
But flesh is not the prize we strive to win.

Now airy swarms of fluttering dreams descend
On souls, like birds on trees, and have no end.
O God, from vulture-dreams my soul defend!

Let fall on Her a rose-leaf rain of dreams,
All passionate-sweet, as are the loving beams
Of starlight on the glimmering woods and streams.

No real time to do a proper post because I have the dregs of one of those free “jobs” (isn’t that a contradiction in terms?) to finish up – if I don’t get it done quickly, I might not get paid!  Do these people NOT realize that this is MY time that they are taking from me?  And yes, I was just turned down for another job because my work is not worth paying for unless it is free.  I give up!!!!



19 thoughts on “Day 266 – Stars Not in the Sky

  1. You so deserve to be paid. You are such a great photographer. I’m sorry 😦

    My husband says make ’em pay up front. I hope people start to show you their appreciation soon!!

    This photo, by the way, is beautiful.

    Love you, lady!

  2. I think the stars that need to light up milady’s sky right now are those of self-preservation and stubbornness–your work is far too sophisticated and sensitive to be devalued as a freebie. Publishing online for people’s perusal and response is one thing, and possibly a marketing outlet at some point, but when it comes to anyone asking your to do a specific thing purely as a favor, you know how I feel about that.

    If you find you can’t nerve up to do it for yourself, feel free to invoke the Greater Good and tell them that you can’t give away your livelihood anymore lest you undercut not only other artists’ livings, but ultimately, everyone else’s. A barter economy is entirely cool with me, but unless people expect to pay you in kind, they’d better pay you in cash. You are too valuable to do otherwise. 🙂

    And I still love you if you chicken out. 😉

    • I have been saying no for 3 months now – just some odds and ends that I needed to clean up. The photos I need to finish this weekend are re-edits as this particular friend had something dire happen to her files and she politely asked me to do them all over. And she was in luck because I had planned on deleting the majority of that folder this coming week!

    • I am not the only one who is suffering from this malady of over sharing – it is a monster of my own creation. And after I started telling everyone, including family and close friends, that they would have to pay for my services, they were terribly offended. Why pay for something they were used to getting for nothing?

      • Let’s hope that over time they will begin to understand that what you gave them for free, cost you much: time, talent, training, and dedication. It just looks free, but really it’s not.

  3. ^ Exactly that. The advice I’ve been reading is to never ever offer your services for free. It is not valued.

    If you say “I’m building my portfolio, and for a limited time you can get a discount of such and such” then when you are finished with portfolio building, it’s not such a shock when you raise prices because that was already stated.

    I’m not sure I ever want to go into business though – it seems like there’s a lot of people out there who don’t value the time and effort that go into creating a beautiful portrait!

    And I really have to remember to try a shot like that sometime! 🙂 Now if only I had streetlights outside my house. 😉

    • My favorite is, “Since you aren’t actually in a photography business, you shouldn’t be charging anyway.” Well, my son doesn’t have a lawn care business, but he still gets paid for mowing those lawns, doesn’t he? Argh! I need some happy thoughts so I am going to look at some of your pictures, Adeena!

  4. I’ve already ranted on your next post…but here I go again…. people just don’t realise that you are not just at the event (or wherever) for a couple hours…you then go home and spent time processes each photo to meet their high standards and expectations! I’m sure they would stop turning up at work if their boss decided they shouldn’t be paid…frustrating…i hope you sort it out!! 🙂

    • I just say no now and leave my friends with hard feelings. After the first “No”, it has gotten surprisingly easy and almost pleasurable to see the expressions on some of the faces. Wrong of me? Probably. It will happen for me one of these days.

  5. I’m glad you let us look at you pics “for free” (even though it cost you time and use of your equipment and creative & mental energy) . . . I enjoy looking . . . and musing and amusing myself.

    • Kathryn, above, really articulated my feelings about sharing my work in the way that I couldn’t. I do enjoy sharing here, but the over the top wedding photo shoot people ask me for is really not such a joy – hours away from home, hours going through photos and editing and to be honest, no real appreciation, just expectation.

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