Day 262 – Blue Aqua Azure Cobalt Cerulean

Blue Aqua Azure Cobalt Cerulean

Day 262 –

Fragmentary Blue by Robert Frost

Why make so much of fragmentary blue
In here and there a bird, or butterfly,
Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye,
When heaven presents in sheets the solid hue?

Since earth is earth, perhaps, not heaven (as yet)–
Though some savants make earth include the sky;
And blue so far above us comes so high,
It only gives our wish for blue a whet.

I wonder what it is about a certain color that gives us so much pleasure?  Blue is the color that does not give me the blues or the mean reds.  This particular shade of blue makes me very happy indeed.
There really isn’t any color I find repulsive, however there are some I wouldn’t want to have to look at for eternity; ocher and light sea-foam are two of them.  I have found that my taste in color has changed through the years as well.  Red used to be “it” for me.  If it was red, it was perfect.  In fact, when I married, the color choices were red and black – red flowers, red cummerbunds and ties, red lights, red everything except my dress and the bridesmaids.  They were in black because red looked like death on two of them.  I am sure that somewhere in my childhood light red, okay, PINK, was the color of choice but I only remember the bright red being ‘the color.’
Then somewhere along the line, blue crept into the picture.  And not just any blue.  Look closely at the shade of blue above. Please dig into the recesses of your memory and tell me where that color would be most familiar.  Think harder.  Think police car and the lights on top of it.  Oh yeah….  That is my FAVORITE shade of blue.  When I drive by someone who is pulled over, I am not wondering why the sap was stopped by the police.  I am looking at the shiny blue lights on top of the car.  And if it is night-time?  I see it coming and going and my eyes are almost giddy with delight.
What color stops you in your tracks?

22 thoughts on “Day 262 – Blue Aqua Azure Cobalt Cerulean

  1. My color is the color of the flower on the plant that most call a weed – chicory. I don’t see that shade of blue anywhere else & I love it. I don’t even really think the little blossoms are pretty and I think the plant itself is not particularly attractive. I just adore the color 🙂

  2. For me it would be a burnt orange, although I like the ordinary burnt orange there is one particular shade which, thinking about it, does really stop me in my tracks – the shiny metalic burnt orange you find painted on a car. 😀

  3. It is such a gorgeous and vibrant blue…i love it….I’m quite partial to green…i went through a green phase and have clothes in various shades of ‘olive’ now 🙂

  4. That blue makes my heart sing…I call it Greek blue, for the sky and sea and the Greek flag, and because my papa was Greek and he loved this color too. The other colors I love are ochre and pale seafoam. (kidding!) But color in general pretty much thrills me. Another fave though has to be that color of aqua beach glass. You know the one? Whenever I see it, my hand reaches out to pet it. Can’t help it.

    • You are such an instigator! I had to read that line twice about you liking ochre and sea foam! And that aqua beach glass makes my heart sing as well – I pretty much like any color as long as it is blue (and the rest of them too) 😉

  5. I’m such a darn color-holic. I can’t imagine that I could really narrow it down, especially since I like different *things* in different colors. But your pet blue is high on my list, too, as is Antoinette’s seaglass color, and indigo, and hot turquoise (you know, Caribbean water), and . . . okay, the blues and blue-greens are clearly good ones to catch at my heart.

    Now, if that particular blue in your photo happened to be filled with a nice cold drink, it might win the contest entirely . . . 😉

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  7. I love the photo and wondered what was inside. It absolutely delighted me when I read you filled it with snow! I love the idea of that cool blue filled with snow.

    I love blue and his two neighbors, purple and green, but especially green – emerald, lime, spring green, teal.

    • I will make sure that you get your garnished serving along with Kathryn! Then we can sit back, pretend that it is warm outside and we are dangling our toes in some azure water. I am going to leave the green water out of it even though the green is your color….

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