Day 259 – Casting Silver Light

Casting Silver Light

Day 259

Mrs Moon by Roger McGough

Mrs Moon
sitting up in the sky
little old lady
with a ball of fading light
and silvery needles
knitting the night
Sleep?  SLEEP?!  What is this “sleep” you speak of ?  Sleep and I seem not to be too familiar with each other.  Too much to do and to see and to think about.  And don’t get me started on the books that simply MUST be read!  But tonight, sleep and I are going to get to know each other….  And on that note, I am going to bed!

10 thoughts on “Day 259 – Casting Silver Light

    • I was in such a hurry to get this shot in because it was past bed time and my children were in the car getting very impatient! I would have liked to have been able to take the time to get my settings right because I had to edit the heck out of this one. sigh.

  1. This is brillant! I enjoy taking pictures of the moon, but sometimes feel there are only so many “types” you can get…but this blows that away. The subtle details…tree silhouettes…and then the tin house lights at the bottom…wow. Well captured.

    • The post production was so extensive, Brandon, that it doesn’t even feel like a photo to me any longer! The flare around the moon was all camera though and I was quite please with that! Thank you for the lovely words.

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