Day 242 – Up and Over

Up and Over

Day 242

Over the fence by Emily Dickinson

Over the fence —
Strawberries — grow —
Over the fence —
I could climb — if I tried, I know —
Berries are nice!

But — if I stained my Apron —
God would certainly scold!
Oh, dear, — I guess if He were a Boy —
He’d — climb — if He could!

It is so bright, bright, white all around.  I am so ready for the greens, the warm yellow light, the purple flowers that dot every ounce of space that the tall spring grasses haven’t claimed.  I am ready for my bare arms to feel the kiss of the sun.  I am ready to feel warm rain on my face, to feel the river current washing over my bare toes, the sound of peepers breaking the silence of the night.
And no matter how ready I am for it, Old Man Winter isn’t ready to relinquish his cold, white grip on my world.

16 thoughts on “Day 242 – Up and Over

    • Alas, that snow is already gone! As cold as it was Friday and Saturday, and by cold, I mean FRIGID (!), it was close to 40 F today and raining with thunder! I am wondering if it is winter or spring!

  1. In this case, the grass really has to be greener on the other side of the fence, from the look of things here! But at least you got a beautiful, blue-filled, portrait of a pillowy, silken drift of snow.

    Maybe a few sweet hothouse strawberries to munch slowly while re-reading Emily’s paean might help until the warmth arrives!

  2. That looks so cold!

    I don’t know about you, but we’ve hardly had any real snow this winter.

    Which worries me… because it might still around till April then!

    And snow in April is much, much worse than snow in January.

    • And spring sounds so delicious right now! The wind is howling outside and rain is falling sideways. And with the temps falling I am afraid that the roads might turn into sheets of ice. Spring, where are you???

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