Day 241 – Cold is Laying Hard on the Land

Cold is Laying Hard on the Land

Day 241

Late, O Miller by Robert Louis Stevenson

Late, O miller,
The birds are silent,
The darkness falls.
In the house the lights are lighted.
See, in the valley they twinkle,
The lights of home.
Late, O lovers,
The night is at hand;
Silence and darkness
Clothe the land.
I have been taking a bit of a break from being online and even skipped out on my camera for those two days.  Could I be lazy, or is it just that I feel a bit burned out?  Maybe a bit of both.
I had to take Booker the cat to the vet today – she is losing hair and has open sores from the damned fleas that we can not get a handle on.  She got a shot and some new meds and I came home a steamed the entire house again.  Poor little cat is allergic to the dratted bugs.  I hate them and I hate chickens.  Enough said.
Now the spousal unit and I are getting ready to head out for a date.  Short but sweet, but that is my day.  Have a great night, dear friends.

16 thoughts on “Day 241 – Cold is Laying Hard on the Land

  1. Our oldest kitty is allergic to fleas, too. He gets all scabby and terrible looking.

    That stuff you drop on their necks (advantage, I think…) works for him. But thankfully we haven’t had a flea problem for a few years now.

    • If we could get the neighbors to get rid of the chickens (in town!), we could get rid of our horrid flea problem. My Booker is doing much better with the shot the vet gave her and acting her feisty self today!

  2. So many things to love about this photo, my dear, even if cold is lying hard on the land; even if it’s lying hard on your heart! Take your ease. Take your breaks as needed. Take solace in how much you have given to us, your friends, and I am certain, also to your family and real life community. You have been running hard and it grows late. Take a very happy date break with your sweet baboo as often as you can!!

    But back to the photo: I love the royally rich jewel tones of it. The rough, aged wood contrasted with the crisp shining reflective window. The sweet interplay of the bright sky’s light, the shadowy siding and the lacy black silhouette of that tree. The soaring diagonals. The sense of infinite storyline pervading the whole image. Can you tell I like this piece???

    • Kathryn, I actually love this piece and I am going to put it on my wall. I showed it to my husband at dinner last night and had to point out every single thing that “worked” about it – pretty much verbatim to every thing you just said! Boy, are we smart!

  3. I agree, the perspective is GREAT! Love the reflection way to go! Thanks for all the great comments on my blog, it’s because of people like you that I’m continuing.

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