Day 240 – Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines

Day 240

Lines by Martha Collins

Draw a line. Write a line. There.
Stay in line, hold the line, a glance
between the lines is fine but don’t
turn corners, cross, cut in, go over
or out, between two points of no
return’s a line of flight, between
two points of view’s a line of vision.
But a line of thought is rarely
straight, an open line’s no party
line, however fine your point.
A line of fire communicates, but drop
your weapons and drop your line,
consider the shortest distance from x
to y, let x be me, let y be you.
I don’t always like to color inside of the lines, however most of my time is spent safe within the boundaries, nice and comfy.  I like how it looks inside the lines and I like how it looks outside the lines, but I don’t have to travel outside that often, at least not far.  When I go outside those lines, invariably someone is going to get upset because I am disrupting his or her lines.  I have been coloring outside of my lines quite a lot recently, going against the flow, and the coloring book is looking a little messy, but wow!  The colors are amazing!  It is too bad not everyone understands my art…

12 thoughts on “Day 240 – Outside the Lines

  1. I’m still not good at coloring inside the lines, literally or figuratively. I’ve sort of given up hope I’ll ever learn 🙂

    As I told you, I believe all true artists are often misunderstood in their work. Isn’t it said that a written piece is interpreted differently by everyone & the interpretation says more about the reader than about the writer? … or something like that… I imagine this applies to all art forms.

  2. I’m getting to the point in life where I suspect that if everyone *did* understand me that would be a very scary thing! For them and me both. But I *am* a bit tenuous about jumping the tracks, so I tend to try to do most of my scribbling out of view of others and then share it when *I* feel safe enough with it.

    Another cool piece of glass. It looks so candy-like!!

    • It does look like rock candy, doesn’t it? I think I am getting a craving for some of that good old fashioned stuff!
      Most people have no idea what is going on in my head, and that is probably a very good thing. I don’t really want to know what is swirling around in theirs either, I don’t think! xxoo

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