Day 236 – It’s Colder Than a Frog.

It's Colder Than a Frog.

Day 236

When Cold December by Dame Edith Sitwell

When cold December
Froze to grisamber
The jangling bells on the sweet rose-trees–
Then fading slow
And furred is the snow
As the almond’s sweet husk–
And smelling like musk.
The snow amygdaline
Under the eglantine
Where the bristling stars shine
Like a gilt porcupine–
The snow confesses
The little Princesses
On their small chioppines
Dance under the orpines.
See the casuistries
Of their slant fluttering eyes–
Gilt as the zodiac
(Dancing Herodiac).
Only the snow slides
Like gilded myrrh–
From the rose-branches–hides
Rose-roots that stir.
It is just too cold to write tonight.  In fact, it was almost too cold to post this and that is why it came in after midnight.  Hey!  I’ll take any excuse for my procrastination!  Toodles, poodles! Muah!

9 thoughts on “Day 236 – It’s Colder Than a Frog.

  1. Baby, it’s cold inside, outside and upside-down. I hear ya. Even here, where the “cold” is more on the cool side, I’m finding I sit all bundled up for reading and writing as though expecting a visit from a polar bear any minute. As an old pal used to say, “colder than a well-digger’s lunch-bucket”. (That was the politest of his many epithets, he being a retired sailor and all. 😉 )

    Meanwhile, back at this here post, I love the delicious and sometimes screamingly funny wording Dame Edna, I mean Edith, chooses here. So incredibly playful yet evocative.


  2. I really love the photo here – the way the light leaves the sky and almost swoops in to illumine the icy landscape. such movement in a still scene. And who couldn’t love the poem you chose? For me it has such a “dance fast cuz baby it’s cold out here” rhythm.

    • I had to pull over to the side of a very icy road to take this, while the car that was tail-gating me went flying around (go figure), then, because the ice had frozen it shut, I couldn’t get my passenger window down (I wasn’t about to get out of the car and freeze my behind!), so I shot though the window which was thankfully clear. Then I saw that my camera settings were beyond OFF. I shot a couple more with everything corrected and guess which one I used? The one with the settings that were beyond OFF – of course I had to do some work in camera raw, but I was happier with this one than the others. This one is what one of my old college profs would have called “a happy mistake.”

      • I love that! I’ll remember happy mistakes. I’ve made a many. Gradually you begin to trust Life with those! Thanks for sharing that! 🙂

    • I really don’t have any choice but to take these shots in the cold – I am too bored with anything in my house! I am going to have to settle for rain tomorrow – we will see what that rain will show me.

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