Day 233 – I Like it Shiny…

I Like it Shiny

Day 233

How Clear She Shines by Emily Bronte

How clear she shines! How quietly
I lie beneath her guardian light;
While heaven and earth are whispering me,
” Tomorrow, wake, but, dream to-night.”
Yes, Fancy, come, my Fairy love!
These throbbing temples softly kiss;
And bend my lonely couch above
And bring me rest, and bring me bliss.

The world is going; dark world, adieu!
Grim world, conceal thee till the day;
The heart, thou canst not all subdue,
Must still resist, if thou delay!

Thy love I will not, will not share;
Thy hatred only wakes a smile;
Thy griefs may wound – thy wrongs may tear,
But, oh, thy lies shall ne’er beguile!
While gazing on the stars that glow
Above me, in that stormless sea,
I long to hope that all the woe
Creation knows, is held in thee!

And, this shall be my dream to-night;
I’ll think the heaven of glorious spheres
Is rolling on its course of light
In endless bliss, through endless years;
I’ll think, there’s not one world above,
Far as these straining eyes can see,
Where Wisdom ever laughed at Love,
Or Virtue crouched to Infamy;

Where, writhing ‘neath the strokes of Fate,
The mangled wretch was forced to smile;
To match his patience ‘gainst her hate,
His heart rebellious all the while.
Where Pleasure still will lead to wrong,
And helpless Reason warn in vain;
And Truth is weak, and Treachery strong;
And Joy the surest path to Pain;
And Peace, the lethargy of Grief;
And Hope, a phantom of the soul;
And Life, a labour, void and brief;
And Death, the despot of the whole!

I am struggling with some burdens at this time so I think it is time to look at my abundant blessings instead of my shortfalls right now:
• I have my warm hubby to keep my toes from getting cold tonight
• My children are snug in their beds
• My mother is a blessing beyond belief
• I get to go into the library tomorrow and work with people I like and respect
• My sister loves  me
• I have a church that welcomes the Holy Spirit
• The four seasons are a feast for my eyes
• My dog is snoring right now
• I can listen to The Civil Wars any time I want to
• I have Mount St. Helen’s ash glass ornaments that shine and shine
• I can see, hear, smell, touch and taste
• Blue
• The sun will rise tomorrow
• God is watching over me


13 thoughts on “Day 233 – I Like it Shiny…

  1. And you have friends who love you, too! Hope the days ahead are brighter. This post lifts *my* spirits wonderfully, between the sweet poem and the gorgeous twinkly glass in my favorite glass colors, and the lovely recital of Good Things in your life. Hugs!!

  2. You have all the blessings that really matter which makes you one lucky gal in my books. 🙂
    Love the fluidity of the photograph. I find some days are like that, dont you? Fluid. Seamless.
    Lovely image!

  3. I’ve tagged you to answer the Ten Questions currently being passed around the table, my friend! Hope you don’t mind sharing your own answers with the rest of us Inquiring Minds. 🙂


    Don’t feel you have to respond, though; I know it’s not great timing for you. Just wanted you to know that you came to mind immediately. 🙂

  4. I am so happy to be following your blog! Such sensitivity and beauty and honesty in every post! I’ll be blessed with the reading of every one. (and your photos are gorgeous!) yes, I’m so happy to be following.

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