Day 228 – After Mom Called

After Mom Called

Day 228

After Sunset by William Allingham

The vast and solemn company of clouds
Around the Sun’s death, lit, incarnadined,
Cool into ashy wan; as Night enshrouds
The level pasture, creeping up behind
Through voiceless vales, o’er lawn and purpled hill
And hazéd mead, her mystery to fulfil.
Cows low from far-off farms; the loitering wind
Sighs in the hedge, you hear it if you will,–
Tho’ all the wood, alive atop with wings
Lifting and sinking through the leafy nooks,
Seethes with the clamour of a thousand rooks.
Now every sound at length is hush’d away.
These few are sacred moments. One more Day
Drops in the shadowy gulf of bygone things.
I drove today.  I drove and drove and drove.  For hours.  My camera rode in the seat beside me.  In in all of those miles I drove,  I saw many things.
I saw… horses, cows,
barns, buggies,
trees, streams,
a Coke bottle on the side of the road,
silos, fences,
traffic lights, intersections,
overpasses, restaurants,
banks, car dealerships,
dirty piles of snow, factories,
trash cans,
the sun sparkling on lakes and ponds,
the Bristol Playhouse, flags waving in the breeze,
a Christmas tree farm, old abandoned homes…..
But I did not find one single thing that wanted me to photograph it.  Not even one.   After that long drive I needed to meditate and consider what the backs of my eyelids look like for a few minutes.  Then my mom called, “Cyndi, I want you to go outside with your camera and look at the sky.  It looks like one of your Mt. St. Helen ash ornaments.”
And so it did.

24 thoughts on “Day 228 – After Mom Called

  1. I never cease to be amazed by sunsets. Every time there are colors in it that I would swear have never been seen before. You caught a beauty–thanks, Mom! Nothin’ like a good heads-up. 🙂 Even better when you take advantage of it and really capture the spirit of the moment. And then you paired it with *two* lovely poetic companions! Love both. Love you!

    • It is so very hard to catch that true color too and this photo did not catch the absolute vividness of it. I have been wanting a photo of this particular tree and this was the perfect photo op with which to do it!

  2. Just look at these colors in the sky; they are simply breathtaking.
    I really loved how you composed this one, the tree looks very elegant, and the silhouette constrasts pretty well with the background.
    Nicely done!

  3. Its such a happy sunset! Just look at that deep and vivid blue of the sky! It doesn’t want to fade away or darken into hues of grey and be outdone by the gorgeous and blazing russets. On second thoughts, you have captured a war of the skies. 🙂 Beautiful photograph!

    Isn’t it amazing how often we look for answers elsewhere when they have been right there, in front of us, all along? Just a thought.

    • I really haven’t seen a sunset this nice in a long while, so I am beyond grateful that my mother just happened to be walking out of the store at the moment she did – it was full dark within 15 minutes!

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