Day 226 – Cup a Joe

Cup a Joe

Day 226

21st Century Rodin -Mark L. Lucker

The upper right-hand
corner of my desk blotter;
a fresh, stark canvas
this morning, now a sepia
montage of concentric
I sip,
I Think.
I sip,
I think.
I sip…
I think.
Big sip
sip sip sip
sip sip sippppp.
Final sip, cup down.
A caffeine-laced
still life of a Slinky.
was-I-ever productive

Another day late.  Maybe I didn’t have enough coffee yesterday.  Or maybe not enough ambition.  Still no photo taken at 5:30 pm and walking out of the library.  I was first in line at the traffic light.  My coffee shop sits at the corner.  The light is long.  The light outside was just right.  My camera was beside me.  So I shot the coffee shop.  And it felt good….

6 thoughts on “Day 226 – Cup a Joe

  1. GAW-juss! I love this shot. You were meant to catch it. Just for me, maybe! It’s soooo cool. You must have been more of a sincere Thinker than Mr. Lucker’s version by far to snag this great photo. Love the way you framed (or cropped) it and the way you processed it and the incredibly atmospheric sense of mystery. Film noir. Bogart should be coming around the corner any second now . . .

    • I didn’t even have to crop this one, although the other 7 I took in the time that it took for that light to turn from red to green could have used a heavy dose of cropping. Alas, they are in the trash bin now and will not live to see an ounce of editing. The only editing I did was a small amount of sharpening and a used a black and white layer with a brown and a black overlay to warm and darken. Less than 5 minutes and ready to post!
      I wish I could claim a bit of thought with this one, but I have been desperate for any inspiration at this point!

  2. I love the loneliness of it. It seems timeless or as if time has come to a standstill and I am looking in at it through the thick glass of a snow globe that is old and from a different world, from a different era. It feels strange yet familiar.
    What a beautiful moment you have captured!
    I am so happy I found your blog!

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