Day 225 – Superstition Station Stop Seven

Superstition Station Stop Seven

Day 225

The Evil Eye by Anne Sexton

It comes oozing
out of flowers at night,
it comes out of the rain
if a snake looks skyward,
it comes out of chairs and tables
if you don’t point at them and say their names.
It comes into your mouth while you sleep,
pressing in like a washcloth.
Beware. Beware.

If you meet a cross-eyed person
you must plunge into the grass,
alongside the chilly ants,
fish through the green fingernails
and come up with the four-leaf clover
or your blood with congeal
like cold gravy.

If you run across a horseshoe,
stop, take your hands out of your pockets
and count the nails
as you count your children
or your money.
Otherwise a sand flea will crawl in your ear
and fly into your brain
and the only way you’ll keep from going mad
is to be hit with a hammer every hour.

If a hunchback is in the elevator with you
don’t turn away,
immediately touch his hump
for his child will be born from his back tomorrow
and if he promptly bites the baby’s nails off
(so it won’t become a thief)
that child will be holy
and you, simple bird that you are,
may go on flying.

When you knock on wood,
and you do,
you knock on the Cross
and Jesus gives you a fragment of His body
and breaks an egg in your toilet,
giving up one life
for one life.

I can’t say that I have much of a superstitious bent.  I walk under ladders, love black cats especially when they cross my path – all the better to stoop and run a hand along some soft fur, number 13 comes after 12 and before 14 and that salt that spilled I wipe up with a dishcloth faster than I can toss it over my shoulder only to sweep it up later.  I take a nice deep breath when I pass by the cemetery and walk cracks in the sidewalk like a balance beam and my umbrella is opened BEFORE I walk out the door into the rain.  As for coins found on the ground?  They spend the same way whether I find them heads up or tails up and count myself blessed for finding that coin at all.
And so, for the life of me, I can not figure out why my niece would buy me a yellow apotropaic talisman with nazar beads at the top and the bottom.

Superstition Station Stop Seven

And I almost forgot! I am posting a link to a nice little giveaway at Pure Photoshop actions – I wouldn’t mind winning a Canon for myself, however I wanted to share the opportunity with my friends.

New Year, New Gear at Pure Photoshop Actions

16 thoughts on “Day 225 – Superstition Station Stop Seven

    • It is definitely something completely different for me! When she gave it to me, she told me it was some “Evil eye thingy.” It did give me an opportunity to do some research on talismans and the such, which was pretty interesting!

    • This is hanging from an attached hook and chain full of beads and is in my kitchen – the color looks nice in there!
      And if I don’t win and you don’t win, I really want my friend Karen Ballou to win! Actually, I really just want Karen to win, as she really, really needs it!

    • It really is pretty, though my usual bent is for the shiny clear glass type of sphere. I will not part with this bauble willingly though, because it came to me out of the blue with a big helping of love.

  1. I knock on wood at every given opportunity, groan softly and strictly under my breath when a black cat crosses my path, try not to walk under ladders, point my nails at a stork when one happens to fly by (dont ask ) which thankfully isn’t very often (can you imagine doing that while talking to an “important personage” about town? Not that I care, but still.) . Other than that, I am pretty much superstition free too. ;D
    Its a beautiful talisman and a beautiful photograph of the talisman. And a wonderful poem too.
    Good luck with the giveaway!

  2. that was a great read…and great photo 🙂 I have opened alot of umbrellas inside the house over the last few days, and I never forward on email that tell me I will die in 5 days if I don’t…so far, so good 😉

    • Nothing like leaving it all to chance, is there? You know, my mother used to use hot rollers and there was one particular one she would never, ever use because if she used it and it was put back onto the “wrong” heating rod, then all hell would break loose, the sky might fall and the rivers would dry up, or something to that effect. Thank God, she uses a blow dryer these days with a round brush!

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