Day 224 – Its Season Has Passed

Its Season Has Passed

Day 224

Winter Scenes by Karen Stephens

I have

               seen Winter; its cold, grey mornings,

Its frozen mist-drops clinging to yielding tree branches,

Its glass-like tears sparkling in the short noon sun,

I have seen Winter.

I have

               heard Winter; its fast-moving wind noises,

Its sharp voice piercing the solemn quietness of the day,

Its crunch where the crusty snow gives way,

I have heard Winter.

I have

               touched Winter; its frosty whispers on my face,

Its white, wet iciness in my boots,

Its fresh, clean air, breathed in deep draughts,

I have touched Winter.

I have

               known Winter; in its most violent tempers,

Through its placid dreamings,

In its soothing vastness,

I have known Winter.

 I am de-Christmased.  The ornaments are tissued and boxed.  The lights are rolled and bagged.  The tree branches are sorted, bundled and packed away.  My home has a certain strangeness to it now that the clutter and bright lights of Christmas are gone.  It looks naked.  I like the nakedness of the house now, though it could certainly use a bit more stripping.  Now the bleak cold of January can take over.  And that means that Spring is inching ever closer!

(today’s poem is brought to you by my lovely friend, Karen Stephens)

January Will Have its Way...

21 thoughts on “Day 224 – Its Season Has Passed

  1. You’re right! Totally didn’t think of that… but spring is on the way! 😀 Hard to imagine since we’re in the middle of a snowstorm…

    Love the second shot.

  2. Well, there, Ms Indigo-velvet, once again you have that deep compelling blue, sparked with the lamplit beauty of the station that beckons me in out of the drifts. Delicious.

    The poem is a grand complement to the imagery of the photos. There’s a sense of history and of humaneness in the text that fits so well with the huddled old-fashioned shelter of the building.

    And then you bring in the element of letting that history, that knowing, all drift off and melt as the snow will melt, leading you to a cleared-of-cobwebs home after the holidays, and the promise of new things ahead. So apropos for this day, this time of year.

    • I have that blue because blue is my bestest color in the whole wide world – as my dad used to say, I like any color as long as it’s blue (he used to say “brown” though!).
      I read Karen what you wrote about her poem and she was quite overwhelmed – I do not think she gets as much support with her writing as she should.

  3. Both photos are lovely; I see what you mean about the light in the first, but for some reason the perspective makes it appear, to me, a little like the isolated setting of some heinous crime. Maybe just because it’s late & I’m tired. 😉

    The poem is wonderful, too.

    • *wheeze* The setting of some heinous crime! I went back and really looked at this and decided that yes, a truly obnoxious and heinous crime could have indeed happened here and Agatha Christie would be the one to write the novel about it!

  4. Really like the light in that top photo 🙂 This is always the hardest part of the year for me, that long push to spring. But praise God, it does come! 🙂

    • It just seems that January and February last f.o.r.e.v.e.r….. I am just waiting for the red-winded black birds to come back and I will know that Spring has finally arrived.

  5. The snow looks so pretty! ♥ I can only hope that we’re lucky enough to see some this winter.
    My Christmas decorations are still up, but with the kids going back to school, I’m going to take the time to put them away, although the tree will stay up for a few more days.
    Growing up in Germany, ny parents would put the tree up on Christmas Eve (during the day, and not let us kids see it until after dinner when it was time to open presents) and take it down on January 6th, which is the last of the Christmas Holidays (something about the Three Wise Men).

    • I would have left mine up longer if only because it took me so stinking long to put it all up, but I could not handle the clutter a day longer. And it took me just about as long to get everything packed up to my satisfaction.
      I’ll bet Christmas Eve was beyond magical for you as a child – I think the Germans might be right with the tradition – my brother’s best friend grew up with the same one, however his mother is French.

      • Oh yes, it was VERY magical. We also had real candles and sparklers on the tree. Always a real tree of course! (And a bucket of water nearby 😉 )
        Took the decorations down, but the tree is still up, because no one went and got the boxes out of the shed.

  6. The lights look warm and welcoming in the pictures. I am also as you say, de-Christmased. I had some anniversary roses that I placed on the table next to the orchid plant that has one shoot growing. Outside the window, I see snow, but the orchid plant makes me hopeful.

  7. I de-christmas-ed yesterday too! I just left the tree up because it finally snowed here and I wanted to enjoy the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree over the incandescent white stillness of the snow.
    Cheers to empty spaces though! And to the advent of spring.

    • I drove by a local business last night that still had lighted deer at the front of the building. They were coated with about 8 inches of snow and the white light was shining through them; I had to stop for a moment just to look at them in wonder – that whole fairyland thing that I know now that you are familiar with.

    • Thanks, Robin! I have been really struggling at this point during this year long project. I like to get outside to do my photography, but it is too dark to do anything when I get out of work (at 5:30!), so I grab what ever I can. I am REALLY looking forward to spring!

  8. Love these shots…I’m taking down the tree today, can’t wait! Although, getting it back in the box is the yearly challenge that makes me cringe…if only we did natural trees like the states…

    • We have several tree farms around here, but we use an artificial one – I just can not handle the pine needles and I don’t think that any of our three cats would be able to resist a real tree!

    • This time of the year is so hard for a 365 project that is in full swing with our short days and cold temps. And this particular night I was without inspiration so I just puttered around town until it got too dark to shoot successfully without a tripod. Then I got to to the old train station and foundered my way into 2 shots that miraculously worked – I deleted the other 20 shots.

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