Day 207 – Merry Smug Christmas!

Day 207

Merry Christmas to our dear family and friends!

We KNOW that you have all been DYING to hear about our glamorous and fantastically successful year, and we have certainly been DYING to share the bounty of the year with you!

Our year started out with more adventure in automobiles!  We were able to drive a diverse array of vehicles early this year as the Taurus went into the shop for some expensive and extensive modifications – 5 months worth.  And imagine our surprise when, after only a few weeks, there were more modifications needed!  That Taurus had the value of a LUXURY car!  Needless to say, it was far too luxurious for us, so we downgraded Bob to a Buick Park Avenue.

Right after Christmas we also had a new year addition to the family – she has brown hair and hazel eyes and very pointy ears– we like to call her Booker.  She is so sweet and so loving, just wanting to give us her full attention; so much so that she always giving us the little love bites she is so fond of.  She is very conscientious and solicitous as well; scratching any little spots on our hands and arms that she feels are in need of her attention.  She was joined recently by another little sister, Mittens, who is very relaxed and has 4 extra toes.

We know you have all been anticipating hearing all about our summer adventures, however we decided that a bit of R & R was in order this year.  We tried to maintain a spa-like atmosphere in the house with peace, quiet and solitude.  The couch was quite a comfort as was the air conditioning!  We did break from the serenity of our four walls in order to go to work each day, but as you all know, the library is the jewel in Cyndi’s crown of activity, what with the plethora of INTERESTING people and EXCITING adventures the public library brings and Bob craved the activity and exercise that building RV’s gives him, as well as the great humor and intellectual stimulation it offers.

Part of our summer adventure included the construction of the chicken habitat in the yard adjacent our very own backyard in the middle of town!  The sound of the rooster in the morning is music to our ears.  Lucy, the black lab, had her very first hunting experience too, courtesy of our very generous neighbors.  She went hunting and caught a black chicken that went perfectly with her own black coat!  She was so proud of herself and we were very proud of her as well.  We just couldn’t accept this gift though, so Bob tossed it back over the fence.  The chickens are also giving Frontline, Sergeants and Hartz some business this year as they shower flea eggs all over the back fence line!  We are fully infested and the fleas are protected from the harsh Michigan winter!!!  Cyndi has become quite an expert at giving the cat a bath – Thanks again, Mr. Jaramillo!

Cyndi was able to get out and hone her craft again this year, photographing two more weddings FOR FREE!  What a great opportunity for her to be able to compose new shots and angles as well as tweaking her editing skills!  She also submitted two batches of photos online to sell; this is GREAT exposure for her. People are looking at her masterpieces of photographic genius and that is far better than actually selling anything – It is just not worth it when it becomes A JOB, don’t you think?

Yesterday was quite an adventure for the children because they got to SKIP school and spend the day with their Aunt Bonnie, shopping and having Christmas adventures.  The high point of the day though was likely having Grandma come over and help them to clean bedrooms and then tonight she took them to the LAUNDRY MAT!  Let me tell you, they were so excited to go on a trip like that!  Feeding coins into the dryer – who could ask for more fun?

It is time to wrap up our fabulous year, but what wrap up would not be complete with another invitation to come visit Scary Mary across the street for her special recipe?  We have it on good authority that she makes a fine batch of cinnameth!  It is guaranteed to keep you awake until Santa slides down your chimney!

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Your friends, and ours,

The Quite Self-Satisfied Fitzsimmons-Smuggery Clan

Isn't she just smug though? Looks more than a bit self-satisfied to me...


8 thoughts on “Day 207 – Merry Smug Christmas!

    • They are so infuriating! This city has little “islands” of township scattered between houses zoned as city and as such, they do not have to follow one single city ordinance – so my wonderful neighbors can have as many chickens as they want and add a cow, horse, goat or pig if they want while burning leaves and listening to music at full volume outside at 3 am. Joy!

    • You are right about that!
      I really, really HATE Christmas letters; the bragging, smug, “Look at me!” attitudes that people have when they compose those homages to themselves about how much better off they are than you. ACK!

      • I have yet to attend one of those abominable events as well. I am fortunate indeed to remain in close contact, though far away, from the majority of my old and dear friends and that is all I need of that time in my life. The rest of them are in my past, right where they belong – and they all probably write Christmas letters too!

  1. I should have read this before your next post…no wonder you are tired!! Aussie’s don’t have the Christmas letter tradition…(nor do we send out cards with a family photo or newborn baby on it)…but if we did, I’m sure I would have included it in my rant 🙂

    • Have I mentioned that I really hate Christmas letters? meh! You are BLESSED that you do not have to endure the 3 – 6 page missives I am subjected to every single year. I am going to admit that I usually don’t get past the first few lines before throwing the whole thing in the trash.

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