Day 206 – Now and Hence

Now and Hence

Day 206

The Snowflake Which Is Now And Hence Forever by Archibald MacLeish

Will it last? he says.
Is it a masterpiece?
Will generation after generation
Turn with reverence to the page?

Birdseye scholar of the frozen fish,
What would he make of the sole, clean, clear
Leap of the salmon that has disappeared?

To be, yes!–whether they like it or not!
But not to last when leap and water are forgotten,
A plank of standard pinkness in the dish.

They also live
Who swerve and vanish in the river.

I re-charged the battery and had the camera ready, but after a day of plotting and planning and a night of scribbling out my annual Christmas missive of smuggery and half-lies, I really didn’t have the desire to put together a photo as well.  And so I am posting the snowflake I had originally planned to use this past Saturday.  This rather large and quite sparkly snowflake hangs with about 30 other rather sparkly snowflakes from the high ceiling in the commons of my church.  They catch the soft current of air flowing high above and spin lazily.  I shot this from the upper floor of the church while hanging over the railing.  The dancers far below were looking at me as if I was a bit on the loony side, and perhaps I am.  It is such a large area and takes your breath away when you walk in for the first time – the place is oozing with the Holy Spirit and energy; I receive an abundance of solace when I walk through the doors.

6 thoughts on “Day 206 – Now and Hence

  1. Being a bit on the loony side is a definite plus, in my book! Especially when it results in a sweetly lacy Christmas photo in my much-loved indigo tones!! A masterpiece is such an ephemeral thing, even at its best, isn’t it, so it’s perfectly represented by snowflakes.

    • This coming Saturday, we are going to have a full run through with our Imagine Christmas production – I look forward to seeing what the camera with be able to catch that day! If! I can ignore those snowflakes!

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