Day 201 – Expectation


Day 201

Being as Little Children by Raymond A. Foss

Wonder, amazement, at the littlest thing
marvels in all of creation, faith, attachment
in the sound of familiar voices,
Voices of mother, of father, drawing the
head, their eyes, tilting to the common timbre
the nurturing of their parents

Another parent, more loving, eternal
calls us too, to know us, and us them
to turn our beings, our gaze
our lives toward them, to
loving guidance, ageless lessons
distinguishing good from evil,
paths to follow, to avoid
lessons for life, best heard,
when we are open, humble
as little children

These lovely young ladies are watching the older girls dance and are awaiting their cue to go on stage.

I am running a couple of days late in posting; so darn busy!  I have right around 45 photos loaded into Ps for re-sizing and watermarks and maybe a couple of edits but this is all I am catching up with.  Tomorrow will come soon enough and I can post the other three that I will be owing to myself then.  Right now, I am aching to look at the backs of my eyelids.


8 thoughts on “Day 201 – Expectation

  1. I just can’t keep on top of my photo processing right now either!!…It’s overwhelming and I’m dreaming of PS layer masks in my sleep. I love this photo!!…You should really be selling this and the other dance ones to the dance school…I think it would look fantastic on their walls…brilliant

    • These have actually been taken at my church during practice for the Christmas production. I have my doubts that the church would want to purchase anything I have done! If everyone wasn’t so used to me doing everything for free, the parents might have been talked into buying them. As it is, I am just going to hang onto these and quit giving it all away.

      • ALL of us artists need to quit giving it all away! Generosity is one thing, but when we all regularly accept pro-bono as the norm, it devalues what every one of us does. I’ve been struggling with that one for years, as do most of my artist friends. But no one bats an eye at asking artists to do their work for free when they would never dream of expecting, say, their surgeon or plumber or lawyer to give away their hard-earned skills and professional expertise–we depend on our learning and efforts for *our* living, too, and people ought to respect that. Sorry for the rant, but dear CF, you are *far* too good at what you do to take that sort of treatment; if others expect you to be so kind-hearted, they should at least expect to reciprocate fully in trade if not in pay! So hang on, and no need to feel any twinges about it. Thus saith the Empress. In solidarity, of course! 🙂

      • It has taken me a good many years to learn this lesson, Kathryn. I was quite pleased with myself recently when asked to do a wedding for a friend of the cousin whose wedding I did most recently (free, of course) and gave them a price and DID NOT BACK DOWN or lower the price. I didn’t get the job, but that is life. I was asked about doing another set of portraits of another friend and her dog and named a price which offended her – the fact that there was a price was offensive. So, no portraits for her either. And both jobs were well over 100 miles north of me. sigh….

      • I completely agree with Kathryn’s comment. I have only just today been messed around by a friend of a friend of a friend (yes, 3 degrees of separation!). We organised a shoot, I named my price, completed two different quotes and now I am being asked to lower my price and if I can include 3 outfit changes instead of 2 (2 was clearly outlined in the package she chose) and if she could pay via installments. I replied by saying that I have been upfront about the price the entire time and that it is already heavily discounted so I cannot offer further discounts or a payment plan. I suggested she re-book for a time when her finances allow. She has replied by asking me to re-quote for a ‘1 outfit’ shoot. I value my time too much now to even consider it. I’m too nice and feel bad even telling her that I don’t think we should go ahead…but where does it end? I would be driving 1hr for this shoot as well. I don’t have a 9-5 job…this is it! Aaahh, that’s better…needed that rant! Don’t ever apologise for putting a value on your time and work.

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