Day 200 – It’s a Bit Substandard

It's a Bit Substandard

Day 200

As Sleigh Bells seem in summer by Emily Dickinson

As Sleigh Bells seem in summer
Or Bees, at Christmas show —
So fairy — so fictitious
The individuals do
Repealed from observation —
A Party that we knew —
More distant in an instant
Than Dawn in Timbuctoo.
I really can not believe I am posting this photo.  Really, yesterday and today I put absolutely NO planning into a photo.  Just grabbed the camera and snapped a photo each day and this is what you get.  I will keep telling myself, “It is all part of the journey, Cyndi.”  And repeating it over and over.  And really:  Could I miss day 200, even if the photo is on the substandard side?  sigh…

7 thoughts on “Day 200 – It’s a Bit Substandard

  1. Not your crispest image, maybe–but even in this shot that you chastise yourself for as beneath your standards (which, if I might mention, are mighty *high*, my sweet!) your fantastic eye for composition, for pattern and repetition, for the thoughtful pairing of image and text are all quite evident as usual . . . I could go on, but you get my gist. Perfect, schmerfect: art is in the process, too, you know! Go, Artist!

  2. I’ve had a few last minute efforts myself these past few weeks…just wait til I post a picture of my husbands suit from 2 days ago…it will blow your mind (not)….I like this…you’ve framed and cropped it beautifully

    • I am sincerely grateful that you have all found the positives in this piece. I can’t wait to see the suit. I have a back log of WordPress post from everyone I follow in a huge folder on Yahoo that I have to catch up with. I hope it doesn’t get lost in that blizzard of emails.

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