Day 197 – Taking Chances

Taking Chances

Day 197

Glass by Robert Francis

Words of a poem should be glass
But glass so simple-subtle its shape
Is nothing but the shape of what it holds.A glass spun for itself is empty,
Brittle, at best Venetian trinket.
Embossed glass hides the poem of its absence.

Words should be looked through, should be windows.
The best word were invisible.
The poem is the thing the poet thinks.

If the impossible were not,
And if the glass, only the glass,
Could be removed, the poem would remain.

Today is a banner day for me.  I have set up accounts at three stock photo sites.  This is a huge personal risk for me.  I have never sold any of my work, and though I have done maternities, weddings and family shoots, I have never charged for any of those services.  Call me insecure, but I have just never felt my work and my equipment were worth charging for.  Well, I was told today that “time is money” by a photographer and friend whom I admire greatly.  If I sell anything, well, I will be upgrading equipment in an effort to make my craft easier and to improve my results.  But I am very, very nervous…..

8 thoughts on “Day 197 – Taking Chances

  1. It sounds like a great thing to do. When you sit down and do the pros and cons of a venture such as this, what CAN you lose?.. fear is your only enemy. If you take the fear out of the equation, then you can only win. AND, WONDERFULLY, you will learn stuff too, which is the bit i love the most.. c

  2. I’m thrilled to hear this. For you, because you took this courageous step of ‘putting yourself on the line’. For everybody else, because your work really *is* outstanding and deserves to be shared with all of us.

    Now you have removed the glass [shell of self-protection] and only the poem–YOU–remain.


  3. A big thank you to all of you, Ladies. I actually have work up and posted at two of the sites I have been working on. Red Bubble is neat and more creative, but I am more excited about PhotoDune because of the potential for more sales and then more photo accessories.

  4. How beautiful! I randomly selected the word ‘reflection’ and this photo showed up and almost literally knocked the breath out of me. Its a beautiful photograph. It re-iterates my belief in fairy tales (that’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw it, fairy tales) and yes, taking chances.
    If such beauty were at the end of the road of chance, I would not hesitate to embark on it.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

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