Day 195 – See How it Shines

See How it Shines

Day 195

The Fairy Goldsmith by Elinor Wylie

Here’s a wonderful thing,
A humming-bird’s wing
In hammered gold,
And store well chosen
Of snowflakes frozen
In crystal cold.

Black onyx cherries
And mistletoe berries
Of chrysoprase,
Jade buds, tight shut,
All carven and cut
In intricate ways.

Here, if you please
Are little gilt bees
In amber drops
Which look like honey,
Translucent and sunny,
From clover-tops.

Here’s an elfin girl
Of mother-of-pearl
And moonshine made,
With tortise-shell hair
Both dusky and fair
In its light and shade.

Here’s lacquer laid thin,
Like a scarlet skin
On an ivory fruit;
And a filigree frost
Of frail notes lost
From a fairy lute.

Here’s a turquoise chain
Of sun-shower rain
To wear if you wish;
And glittering green
With aquamarine,
A silvery fish.

Here are pearls all strung
On a thread among
Pretty pink shells;
And bubbles blown
From the opal stone
Which ring like bells.

Touch them and take them,
But do not break them!
Beneath your hand
They will wither like foam
If you carry them home
Out of fairy-lannd.

O, they never can last
Though you hide them fast
From moth and from rust;
In your monstrous day
They will crumble away
Into quicksilver dust.

A bit of cracked glass, round glass, reflective glass, drops of glass, light encased in glass.  I had a different photo chosen for the day, however my husband preferred this one and told me that I should post it instead.  He doesn’t often assert his opinion where my photos are concerned, so I took his advice.  Now he sits beside me, head and eyes drooping; poor, tired man from a long, hard day at work.  I love him so.
I have a SOOPER great photo planned for tomorrow! 😉

6 thoughts on “Day 195 – See How it Shines

    • Thank you! The falling snow is courtesy of the folks at WordPress. I was so not in the mood to take a photo yesterday, so I just grabbed one of the first things I saw when I walked in the house after a long day and thankfully, it was shiny.

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