Day 181 – Flying Free

Flying Free

Day 181

The Man Who Touched the Sky by Mike Carson

I want to tell you a story
about the man who touched the sky.
It was Autumn when he reached it,
But the colors still wore fine.

He went down to the willows
and he saw her sitting there,
silently weeping for another
she once had held so dear.

The moon, it was smiling
and said, “There’s no need for fear.
The future you are building,
still lives beneath the stars.”

The man sat down beside her
and asked her where she was,
she answered very brightly, “Inside myself
and questing, searching for a star.”

“See that star right there,” he said,
“the brightest of them all. Look right
and left at stars not quite as bright,
they are far away and hard to see with sight.”

“Forget about your quest for stars,
they all burn out eventually. When
you find the one that can touch the sky,
you will find the universe in his eyes.”


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